Age Issue and Name

Hi Everyone,
I know this question has been answered in the past on this forum but I thought I would ask it again in light of the current teaching environment. I am a 46 year old white American interested in teaching in Taiwan. I have a BA and a Masters Degree but no teaching experience. I do look younger than my age and present myself in a very professional way. One possible issue is that I do have a none traditional American first and last name. My family is of Polish descent although I have lived in the US my whole life. How much of an obstacle would my age and name be in regards to securing a position? I intend to head to Taiwan in Feb of this year.
Thanks! :sunglasses:

Hello Mer

In my experience, your age and name will have almost no effect on your search for employment (except for a few establishments). Certainly the place where I work (ITI, Hsinchu), it would not be a barrier at all.

Good luck on your job search.

Charlie Warth

The name “mer” is already in use.

Contact admin and get a new one…preferably something Polish in nature. Maybe ending in “…wicz” just to throw the Brits and other colonials off the trail pronunciation-wise.

Welcome to the island and good luck to you. Always glad to see another American on board.

By the way, I am also an American, white, male, with a couple of rather useless degrees. However I am not an Engrish Teechur.
But all the best to you and Yours.

Maturity and business experience are qualities many business English establishments appreciate.

When I taught at David’s English in Taipei County I was at the younger end of the scale, being 48 years old at the time. My cousins’ name is Strzygowski but luckily mine is a bit easier to pronounce.

Most schools will (annoyingly, to me) call you Teacher Jane or Teacher Kathy anyway, instead of using your last name.