Age of Marriage

I’m just curious as to how old everyone was when they got married (the first, second, third times, etc.)

As more people are marrying late these days, do you wish you had married earlier? My mother had me when she was 21. Ms 914’s father had her when he was 40, just to give you an idea. If I had a kid when I was 21, the kid would be well into elementary school by now!

As much as I hate to think it, I won’t be young forever, and I’d like to get married. But I’ve waited this long, what’s another ten years?! It’s a touchy subject, as we all want to marry just once…but man…I sometimes wonder maybe I shoulda done it years ago…I woulda had kids by now. When I’m 40, they’d be teenagers, I’d still be able to physically and mentally chase them around.

***I’d like to keep this in the Open Forum for now. It’s not completely D&R in Taiwan, but life in general, thanks.

The only time I got married, I was 32 and my wife was 31.

My parents were 33 and 23 when they got married.

Old fashioned as I am, I have this strange idea that getting kids is better to do before you are 40, also for the sake of the kids’ health. Marriage however, does not have any age limitations.

I had just turned 25, and my husband was 33. 25 seems young, but I had found Mr. Right and we knew we would get married 3 months after we started dating. The strange thing is that neither one of us wanted to ever get married (at least that’s what we thought at that point in our lives). But, things just clicked, and that was it! :smiley:

My mom was 20 (although she had already graduated from uni and had a full time job) and my dad was 25.

I was 28 and my wife was 34.

My husband and I were both 21. The marriage conversation (here & back home) is always the same:

Them: “Oh you’re married??” (Confusion sets in…“but she looks so young!”). “How long?”
Me: 5 yrs.
Them: Oh my god! :astonished: So you’re…? (Now the wheels are visibly turning…is she some freaky 40 yr old who’s gotten too much plastic surgery???)
Me: Ya, ya, I’m 26! :unamused:

It was right for us…but if my daughter announced she wanted to be married at 21, I’d kill her!!

Also, I think you should separate the question of kids from the question of marriage. I might be married, but kids are a LONG way off. How could I do fun things like move to Taiwan with kids? (Simple logic…but try explaining it to my mother-in-law!!) :s

Got married at 21. In retrospect it was a very bad idea. Got divorced at 23. :blush:

Now I’m 30 (31 in 27 days) and still single… Would love to get married and have kids (eventually) but right now I’m still rather petrified of history repeating itself. Specifically her waking up one morning and saying she wants a divorce… :astonished:

Who knows. Maybe it’ll happen that I meet someone that I just know is right. Currently I haven’t, or maybe now I’m just too picky.

I was 20 I think. Didn’t last very long. Happily separated now.

Oh, and it’s not a good idea to have a kid when you’re 22. The kids are wonderful no matter if you’re 20 or 40, but it just feels so bad to be a lousy young mom.

I got married on my 36th birthday, and Mrs. Mao was 24.

I was 26 and my wife was 30 when we got hitched.

I’m now 43 and my wife is 47.

The boy was born when I was 30 and my wife was 34. He’s 13 now.

The dogs, Dofu and Bjorn, are each about 3.5 years old.

No regrets.

Old enought to have known better.

I was 26 and she was 20. It took her eleven years to smarten up but she finally did. She’s happily remarried now. I love her more today-in a plutonic way.

Could you explain that just a bit? How do they love on Pluto?

personally, I believe age should not matter one bit regarding deciding WHEN to get married.

There are a lot of people out there that have a preconceived idea as to when a good time to get married would be, and they let that timing influence their belief that whoever they happen to be with around that time must be “The One”.

What’s more important is that the person is ‘the right one’. That is more important than if you happen to be approaching 25, 30, 35, 40 (or whatever age you think you should be married by) or finishing studies or moving to a new place, or getting to a certain level in a career etc.

If it’s truely the right person, you will enhance each other’s lives no matter what else is going on.

First married at 23, widowed at 24. Second time 27, divorced at 29. NEVER AGAIN!!! :noway:

I was 25 and my wife 29. Married for 10 years now, children ages 7 & 8.

The beginning was a bit tough, especially when teh kids came, but it seems to get better and better as time goes on.

First marriage 22 and the missus was 28.

I smarted up after 8 years and got out.

I find it interesting that foreigners here tend to marry women older than themselves.

I was 24 husband was 32. We had our first kid when I was 25 second at 26.

I was 30, hubby 28 when we married. But we met, and moved in with each other, when I was 24, hubby 22. Still no kids, 4 years after marriage, 10 years after meeting each other. I’m not quite sure that “marrying young” is a bad thing, it just depends on how the individuals are. Sometimes you just find the right person and it works.

FYI mom was 20 and dad was 25 when married. Divorced 8 years later. Mom remarried once, dad twice.