Agencies that can assist work permit

Hi my partner has recently moved to Taiwan to work and I’m looking at joining. I don’t have work and I’m looking at applying for a work permit before going. Are there any agencies that can help with the application as a service on my behalf to ensure it’s done properly?
Thx Gaz

I think you need to give more context, e.g., nationality, experience, and what type of job you’re looking for.

As I understand it, you generally need to have a job before applying for a work permit (as the company is the one who usually applies on your behalf), with the exception of things like the gold card and working holiday visas (if Taiwan has them, and if they’re still available at the moment - no idea). Agency or not, I don’t think you can just apply for a general open work permit and get on a plane.


@Andrew is 100% correct that there’s no such thing as just applying for a work permit before coming to Taiwan (you need to have a job that will sponsor you for a visa).

However, Taiwan does have a special visa program called the Gold Card you can check out. It gives you an open work permit for 3 years, no need to find a job before coming. However, it has very specific eligibility requirements.

What kind of job you looking for?
Most of the job work permits that would be more easily available are for teaching English.
Offer more specifics on your job plans, so people can help (like the advice on gold card visa avenue) with clearer directions.

My background is as Creative Director, working in media. I’m British but have lived in Asia for many years. I had read that certain types of relent can apply for a work permit before they had secured work.

I think you are asking about gold card. You can ask about agency or anything related to the card in this thread.


Probably worth them reading about the gold card first though to determine if they qualify before adding more repetitive questions to that looong thread.