Aha | fully remote | visagranted | marketing | pm | UIUX | frontend | fullstack

Aha Learn-to-Earn, a venture-backed, full-remote, growth-stage fintech startup, has the following openings available:

Senior Front-End Developer (Remote)
2.94m – 4.59m TWD (approx. 100k – 159k USD) / annum

Senior Full Stack Developer (Remote)
2.94m – 4.59m TWD (approx. 100k – 159k USD) / annum

Junior Marketing / Business Analyst (Remote)
480k – 812k TWD / annum

Tutor – Problem Creator (SAT/ACT/CBSE/JEE Main/NCEE) (Remote)
170 – 800 TWD / hour

Senior Product Manager (Remote)
1.29m – 1.82m TWD (approx. 44k – 63k USD) / annum

Senior UI/UX Web/App Designer (Remote)
480k – 812k TWD / annum

High School Startup Internship Program (Remote)
170 – 300 TWD / hour

Due to the number of positions available, please go to their landing page to apply.

Special notes:

  1. This is a fully remote company, so candidates of all nationalities / timezones are welcome!
  2. Visa sponsorship available for Taiwan.
  3. Once applied, they’ll follow up with you with an external link; keep an eye out for this and please go ahead and proceed accordingly.
  4. If interested, simply drop your application via the link above.
  5. Smply click the link above the view the JDs !
  6. For developers , they’re looking for someone who’s seasoned (preferably with 5 yr exp) and ready to contribute.
  7. As for designers , they’ll check if your style fits their products.
  8. If hired thru us, you’ll get a 100 USD onboard reward.

In case you’re not looking for a job currently, you can also refer these jobs to your friends/colleagues and earn yourself a huge referral bonus !

Our referral reward is 4% of the corresponding annual salary range, 117.6k TWD (4 grand) for the senior dev positions!

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