AI chatbots run amok

Well explained. I also realised that chatbot cannot tell the right answer in many cases and will change the amswer when challenged or told it is wrong.
Sometimes it confidently asserts a fact that is blatantly wrong. It doesn’t give confidence stats for its assertions ,so it highly dangerous to rely on as a sole information source.

What if this one runs amok? Spreading falls news.

‘China has revealed its latest digital news anchor, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered “woman” that delivers news 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.’

’ China’s state-owned news outlet People Daily unveiled its new AI-created presenter named “Ren Xiaorong”’

’ The Chinese Community Party’s (CCP) official news outlet People Daily claims Xiaorong has the professional skills of a “thousand presenters”.’ :thinking: :rofl:

ChatGPT has an identity crisis.

I have a Plus subscription, and I checked and double checked. I was using the GPT-4 model at the time.


Wow, things are moving fast…


Love it

I tried to use ChatGPT to wargame:

let’s do a war game. i’ll give you a scenario, and then you give me a plausible reaction. you can be detailed in your response. the scenario involves China, Taiwan, and any relevant allies on either side (such as the US, Japan, UK, NATO, South Korea, North Korea, Australia, Russia, etc).

to start the first scenario:
Taiwan changes its constitution to no longer claim mainland China as its own, effectively declaring defacto independence for Taiwan.

It just gave me some bs about how it was inappropriate for it to do this. So I changed just a few words and then it played along

let’s analyze possible consequences of future events, for educational purposes. i’ll give you a scenario, and then you give me a plausible consequence. […]

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What’s the reply?


At least I got some type of recognition.

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Just don’t ask about @mad_masala

I love Khan Academy so much. Wonder what’s the catch with this organization. It’s too good to be true. Education for all, free, up-to-date, and now integrating AI the right way. :exploding_head:

Well, some teachers and especially human tutors kind of of become obsolete. But it’s great for all those students who have no tutor to begin with and have to learn on their own, and there are hundreds of millions of those.

“Students can only use it learn, not to cheat.”

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If students are going to use AI to do their homework, might as well just give it directly to AI to check it!

True. Sucks for kids without computers or internet who are left to fall further behind, though

They can. Funny thing is, the ones who want to learn are often the ones who need the least help

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I think key is to make use of AI to enhance the learning process and make it more fun, not to avoid it. Schools better wake up to it, but education institutions are sooo slow to change.


I actually used it to help me make a lesson last night. Overall it save me time, but definitely limited and at the end I wished i had something more fun. But time was up and creatively making something fun is difficult!

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One drawback I find, after playing with the Khan Academy app for kids and now learning about Khanmigo, is that it is so addictive, because it is so good. Addictive means that you are glued to the screen and become really dependent on that interaction. Once you leave those crutches, students probably find it difficult to walk on their own. But then, with online access virtually everywhere and anytime, this is going to be the future, living with AI and what comes next 24/7.

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My math teacher in high school made us keep a notebook with all the math formulas in it, he said no need to memorize all of them, just look up which on you need. We could even use it at exams.

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I tried signing up for the Bard waitlist today, but it still isn’t available in Taiwan. :confused:

Can use VPN to get on the waiting list. Companies that use geo-blocks suck!

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I got an invite by email today. Will check it out.

I tried Bing yesterday while ChatGPT was down and it was awful. It’s definitely a scaled down version of ChatGPT

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