AIEF (American International Education Foundation)

Have any of you heard of the organization AIEF? (I believe their website is .) Apparently, they are a non-profit organization, and they find people teaching jobs in Taiwan (and mainland China as well). If you’ve heard good things or bad things about AIEF, please reply to this post. It seems to me that since they’re a non-profit organization that is apparently run by Americans, I should be inclined to trust them. In addition, it seems to me that there’d be an advantage to “going through them” (like it might save me from potentially getting ripped off/cheated/“screwed” by the school I end up working for. But I don’t know… (Would going through them at least be preferable to dealing with a recruiter?) I’ll most likely come to Taiwan in Aug. to teach English. I applied to AIEF, although I haven’t heard back from them yet. So if you know anything at all about the AIEF, please respond to this post. Xie xie.