Aikido in Taiwan (seeking)

I would just like to let people who are interested know that I have started teachng Aikido in the mountains near Neihu. Sessions are Mon, Wed, Fri evenings 8:00-9:00, Mon-Sat mornings 7:00-8:00 and Saturday Afternoon 2:00-4:00. Please contact me for more information or directions.

If there is anyone that can give me any info on where I can start to learn Aikido in Taipei, I would appreciate it.


Peacewarrior is the man to talk to. :sunglasses:

Check out the martial arts forum on Tealit.

Does anyone know of a place to practice aikido in Taipei? Thanks! :help:

i am interested in learning aikido… does anyone know of a place in taipei to practice it? Thanks!! :help: … ationID=37

I have no idea what any of these places are like. I just did a search on (if you don’t know about google you should check it out). I think that yahoo group might be helpful.

I know there’s at least one poster that’s really into Aikido, but he happens to be on vacation now. I’ll make sure he sees this htread when he gets back.