AIR "Animal I Lan Rescue" (fka Yilan Animal Lovers)

Hi all,

This is a call out for all animal lovers in Ilan that want to make a difference. We have set up a group in Ilan that is looking to become part of the Animals Taiwan Organisation. I have spoken to Stray Dog about our group and he’s been really helpful and supportive :notworthy: , as a result we’re up and running.
The group, in the beginning, will focus on CNR (catch, neuter, return), but hopefully we will be able to do more in the future. :smiley:

If you interested in joining our group feel free to PM me.

Great to see!

Thank you for having the commitment and desire to start this, random. I’m looking forward to watching you guys grow.

Of course you have our full support. I will discuss this with the other AnimalsTaiwan members this weekend and let you know what comes of it. In the meantime, go get 'em! I know you’ve done a lot already to help reduce the suffering of Yilan’s strays, and I look forward to hearing more.

Come on, Yilan people! Are you gonna go home at the end of your stay and tell the folks back home that you just taught English and surfed, or are you gonna tell them you did something to make a difference - that you left Taiwan a better place than you found it, that you did something to lessen the suffering in a country that has been listed as the worst place in the world to be a dog?

Well? :wink:

I thought that I would let you all know about our first case and why you Ilan folk need to get involved.

For the past 9 months a stray dog has been tagging along with my dog and I when we go out walking, so I’ve been feeding him everynight. He’s so friendly and very bright that I have been trying to find a home for him, but without luck.

He disapeared for about a month and today I found him. He could hardly walk, mucus pouring out of his nose and discharge out of his eyes. Took him to the vets and did a blood test. Poor mite has pneumonia, and anemia among other things and possibly canine distemper. If he’s got canine distemper he’s going to die. Hopefully he’ll be ok, but today it’s not looking so good. As he’s contagious he has gone to the Ilan Animal Shelter Association, but if he’s not adopted in about a week he will be put down.

This dog is a fantastic, lively mutt and to see him in the state he was in today was just heartbreaking, he was a totally different dog. He’s not the first and he won’t be the last. Had he been part of the CNR program he would have been at least vaccinated and might never have suffered so much.

Come on people time to act, I know so many of you want help, so stop making excuses, you’re just not that busy!! Join in.
But a big cheer for all those who contacted me privately. :thanks: A meeting will be held soon.

I’m going to see him tommorrow to take some pictures.If he looks like he’s going to make it, he’s going to need a home.

Fingers crossed, if he does any one want to take the little mite? Pics tomm I promise.

I just got back from the pound and it’s been confirmed he’s got canine distemper. So I’m going to wait a while to post the photos. If he looks like he’s going to make it then I’ll post them. Fingers crossed.

Hi, Random.

Will the pound try and save him? He needs supportive care if he is to recover.

Good luck with this one. :s


I don’t fancy Little Dog’s chances, but the pound said that they would try their best. They know that, on the off chance he gets better, I’ll take him till I can find him a home. Yesterday they put him in an electric cage to keep him warm and they will give him the medicine from the vets. Today I took him some food and the guy I talked to already knew Little Dog’s story, I guess word got out about the foreigner with the stray. I believe them when they say they’ll try, but I know it doesn’t look good for him.

We have lost several dogs to this nasty disease; even if they recover, their future is not too bright.

This is exactly why the CNR project you are starting is so important, as vaccinating strays will drastically reduce the occurrence of diseases such as distemper.

Fingers crossed for the poor guy.

I thought that I would let you all know what we have been up to in Yilan. We’ve been busy! We now have a network of foriegners and locals that foster dogs and are ‘on call’ if needs be. We are working with a lovely vet and another dog charity in the Yilan area. The foundations are strongly in place.

Sadly after much effort by all our first case ,the canine distemper dog, died. But rather than dishearten us, it made our resolve all the stronger. And we moved on to help a dog with scabies and get her a permenant place in the no kill shelter. Then we met a lovely dog that lived in a pipe and we found her a home. While fixing up the adoption for Pipe Dog we met a great Taiwanese lady that feed over 20 dogs. I see her quite often with a big pan of meat feeding dogs everywhere. She is now a member and is helping us out. We caught the Little Bridge Dog and saved his life by taking him to have his leg amputated, we also had him neutered at the same time. He’s now recovering and we are trying to find him a permenant home. We have also removed three stray dogs collars as they were hurting the dogs.

We would like to do so much more, especially CNR. The only thing that is holding us back is finance. I know that so many of you give so much already to various charities, so I am not proposing giving us a donation ( though if you wanted to we would be very very grateful :slight_smile: ) What we are doing is running a 50/50 raffle type thing. Everyone buys a ticket (s), tickets are put into a hat and then the winner wins 50% the total money rasied and the Yilan animals group gets the other half. The draw will be made at Mr.B’s 32-1 Shuei Fu Road, Nan Fang Ao, Ilan, on 15/04/06 at the annual cheese and wine party ( black tie if you want to come join us). Tickets for the 50/50 are 10 dollars. You never know you might win!!

So that’s what we have been up to, and the 50/50 is how we hope to carry on helping animals in Yilan in the future. If you would like to buy tickets then you can PM me.

It’s me again and I’m starting to feel lonely in my own thread :boo-hoo: Nobody replies…
I’ll carry on regardless though! :wink: The raffle raised 8600 dollars and promoted awareness in Ilan. Though the message the locals got was a little different to the intended message!

I made the tickets myself with the help of ‘Bable Fish’ to do the Chinese for me. As I was in a rush to get them printed up and sold I never had them checked by a local. I thought the tickets were fairly self explantory, raffle to raise money to help stray dogs in Ilan. But the locals just weren’t getting it. After selling 500 tickets my boyfriend came back from Taipei and I proudly showed him my design. He looked confused and asked me why I had printed the Chinese character for crap in the middle of the ticket!! No wonder the locals looked a little confused!! Lesson learned!

Not too many people responding, but plenty are reading. I think what you are doing is great. :notworthy: Please do keep posting your experiences. :bravo:

Hey random,

I just read this thread and I think you have a lot of heart. Even though no one replied, you kept updating. Good luck with your Yilan organization and I hope we can meet one day!

Give a little, give a lot. It doesn’t matter. It’s the thought that counts.

Kudos to you in Yilan.

That’s a great motto random: We give a crap!

Great job!

:bravo: :rainbow:

Actually we only give 50% of the crap the other half we keep for ourselves!! :laughing:


We give HALF a crap! :rainbow:

Random is the real deal … I have some pics of some of the animals she has rescued already … let me see …

Excellent work random. Keep it up. Put up with the crap, it’s worth it in the end :wink:

I thought that I would post some pics of some of the dogs we helped. The big yellow one is Bozo, he’s a former stray but now my dog. I take him into school to try to educate the kids about dogs and dog culture. The kids really loved him and Bozo felt pretty much the same. The little black dog is the one we rescued from under the bridge. He’s undergone a total personality change and is really happy. He loves to play with Bozo, though it does look all lot like Bozo is trying to savage him in the last pic!!

We now have a name, yipee! It’s AIR, Animal Ilan Rescue, if someone could help us to change the name of this thread, to our new name it would be great.
On Tues 30th (10.00am) and Wed 31st (9.00am) we will be Dragon Boat Racing on the Ilan River. We have some great T-shirts printed up, which we will be wearing to race in. If anyone likes the design and would like to order one feel free to PM me. As we are fairly crap, it will give everyone ample time to read our T-shirts, as we meander down stream!!Row, row, row your boat…

Our catchy name doesn’t work!! It’s not AYR, Animal Yilan Rescue, we are not from the West country!!It’s AIR, Animal I L A N Rescue. :laughing:

Congratulations, AIR! This must be so exciting for you, random! Wish you guys all the best!

Title of this thread changed.