Air Asia for tall people - a good idea?


I’m trying to look for some flights to take a vacation. Air Asia is readily available in SE asia and is almost half the price of some flights. I’ve never flown with them, anyone experience their seats?

I’m about 190cm 6’2-6’3. How horrendous will this be for me. Are the emergency exit row seats better. I’m not fat, but I’m naturally wide shouldered. And even more so from working out.

I was thinking save on the flight on the budget and get a real nice room to vacation at.


Never flown but online reviews are not good. Some people seem to think Air Asia is tolerable if the flight is 2-3 hours long, so maybe it’s a question of trading 2-3 hours of discomfort (each way) for whatever you have planned.

I would try to book an exit aisle seat no matter what, no worries about legroom if you do.

If it’s a longer flight then I’d look to premium economy or its equivalent, but that’s just me.


They have “hot seats” which are located at the emergency exits with slightly more leg room.

There are flat bed seats, but I rather just fly with a better airline if I wanted that kind of thing. I rather spend more money on the actual vacation itself like hotel room and place than the flight if you know what I mean. I won’t be working for 3 years so I rather not burn through cash during this time.

But then again, an awful flying experience can really ruin your mood.


Many times for many years. Surprisingly fairly comfortable especially compared with other budget airlines and reasonable leg space.

Never hesitate for a few hours flight.


So you think It will be bearable within 4 hours for me?

Also, I’m worried about other issues with budget airlines like constant delays and cancels and lost luggage.


I’m tired of these airlines discriminating against us tall people.


I guess how much it sucks, depends on hoe much you pay ?


I have flown AA over 300 times (lived in Malaysia). They have improved a lot. That said, they are a budget airline.

The seats are OK. They have a high pitch - so you sit upright more. I am 6 foot, 220 and have no issues. I have done quite a few 4 to 5 hour flights - and they are OK but anything longer is a chore. Pay for a premium seat if you are big.

Here is a trick if you are big. They usually want you to use the automated check in. It never works for me - somehow my Big Account is screwed. So I just pop over to the Premium counter (no one ever in that line) and tell them online didn’t work for me. They always give me a premium seat for free.

Oh, meals are $2 or $3 if ordered online.

Sometimes it is the only airline so no choice.

Usually they are 1/3 the price - so hard to justify China Airlines or others. The only airline in asia worth the money is Singapore Airlines.


Thanks for the tip. Their price is incredibly cheap and readily available in Malaysia compared to other airlines.

Singapore is good. Eva, and Korean air works for me as well. China air isn’t bad if you fly business or first.


I’ve always liked flying Eva. I try to give them my business if I can. I once flew in their Hello Kitty jet and that was a riot. Even the barf bags have her face on it. I took mine home as a keepsake.

ANA used to be better. I actually used to look forward to their in flight meals. Now they’re pretty lackluster…


Bad idea. I am 4’ 10" and if I fly Air Asia, I wish I didn’t have legs.


Been on several times. It goes up, stays in the air, and comes down in the right place in my experience


That’s honestly one of the reasons I avoid Malaysian air. Does not always stay in the air, and no one knows where I came down.


Air Asia is one of the worst flying experiences I’ve ever had. I saved a lot of money, but I also legitimately thought I might die at one point. Higher quality airlines will fly around a storm or bad pockets of air to avoid extreme turbulence. AA plows right through it to save fuel cost and time. Their pilots are also a lot less experienced and skilled. They take the junior varsity pilots and crew that have already been rejected by the bigger airlines. When I flew AA from Japan we went right through a storm cloud and the plane was so bad that shit was flying into the ceiling. I don’t care how much I can save…never again.


But did you die? :grinning:


No, he is just in Academia :laughing:


Note to self. Do not fly with Air Asia.


And now I died a little inside. :pensive:

But honestly I’d rather shell out an extra 5-10k NTD and not have my butthole clenched in fear the entire flight, @Andrew0409


I can’t comment on individual experiences - every airline has its moments.

But AA has a very good safety record. Better than CA or KAL. And super cheap. I often fly for less than USD25. Even TPE to Penang was only $75. But, yeah, the ground crew can be hit or miss. They are usually young, untrained and lowly motivated.

And the pilots have a LOT of experience. I talked to one pilot who had been driving a bus for 10 years before he got his pilot’s license!

I worked with KAL after their Guam tragedy. We nicked name them “Krash A Lot”. Pilots were horribly arrogant ex-fighter pilots that couldn’t speak English well enough in order a beer. We purged most of them and service also has improved. But KAL is super expensive most of the time.

CA is horrible incompetent on the ground. They ripped off my mom for $100 once. The worst was I had a flight from Korea to Taipei to LA. Since a typhoon was moving towards Taiwan they moved the flight up by 6 hours. They just didn’t bother to tell anyone.

Actually, the problem in Asia - with all airlines - is they lack well trained pilots with sufficient experience. The US has a huge military that trains pilots and they get a lot of experience before flying commercial. We also have a huge cargo fleet that also gives newbies solid experience. Plus, there is the CAP and many people getting private licenses before going to commercial pilot school. In Asia I meet people who are attending commercial pilot school and they can’t even drive a car.

Locally I don’t care much who I fly - AA, Scoot (AKA Tiger), Cebu, whatnot. They are all pretty much the same.

I avoid United for USA flights. Shit in all aspects.

My best recent flights were:
ANA - Chicago / Haneda / KUL. New Dreamliner and great service from the ladies (they make everyone feel ‘special’).

Sing Air - LAX / SEOUL / Penang. Our flight happened to be on my daughter’s birthday. They even brought out a cake and sung happy birthday! I couldn’t get them to light the candles though…


That doesn’t sound like relevant experience to me.