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We have a split unit air/condition. One big ventilator outside and 2 units for both bedroom and living room.
Bedroom one started to leak water, thus we called the service who cleaned the inside-units as good as possible.

Service-Man mentioned we should consider to give the inside-units for a professional clean-up in wintertime.
Cost would be 3.000 NT$ each.

Is it worth that much money ?
A/C was purchased almost 4 years ago and we actually never cared about this …

How about the health-issue ?

And is it really true that such a clean-up leads to a considerable less electricity-bill
(last one was 6.000, I guess the coming one will be even more)

Thank you for helpful replies

I’ve never bothered to do such a thing, but I can imagine it would make a difference. If the heat exchangers are covered in dust and grot, they won’t work efficiently, and your bills will go up. I would have thought the outside one would want cleaning too, though.

OTOH $3000 per unit seems a bit steep, considering it should need no more than a 5-minute blast of compressed air (seriously, I’m just guessing here, but I can’t imagine what else “cleaning” would involve). As for dripping water, all aircon units will do this; they condense water as a natural consequence of their function. Normally there’s a tube to divert and/or collect the runoff. Again, not a big issue.

If you really want the thing cleaned, I’d shop around a bit. You should be able to get it done for a few hundred NT$.

Incidentally, a $6000 bill suggests about 25kWh a day. Seems a bit excessive unless you’re literally leaving the thing running all day.

Just my :2cents:

If it’s leaking water it means the drainage tube is blocked. You should try to have it cleared somehow. As for cleaning it is a bit involved especially if it includes cleaning the outside unit as well. Split AC is a bit hairy to take apart…

Are you still looking a cleaner for an air-con

Can you stop bumping every air conditioner thread ever made? One is enough. Besides it’s not the best time to be blasting the air con due to the fact there’s evidence coronavirus has been spread through buildings that way.




Yeah, and enough with the cleaner/babysitter spam too.
I suggest the following:

  1. Common sense: eight year old “dead” threads are not likely to be good sources for clients as they probably already solved their needs or buggered off.
  2. For recent requests, use the PM function to politely contact individuals who made requests instead of spamming the entire forum.
  3. Better yet, compose a concise post indicating your services and prices in appropriate area of the forum and with an informative title (eg. cleaner/babysitter services in the xxx area). Indicate where you are located. ONE post.

Good luck.

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