Air filter machine & allergies

Any advice for a air filtration machine? My wife

We have three of the Honeywell filters that we’ve been pretty happy with. We don’t have allergies, but get tired of the amount of dust and other crud in the air, waking up in the morning feeling like you inhaled cotton overnight, and the computers getting all crudded up inside. The Honeywell ones come in various sizes that typically go for TWD4500-9000 depending on the size. Other than the size, the basic design is the same, with three speeds and buttons to test the two filters Each comes with a drum shaped HEPA filter which is wrapped in a fabric pre-filter. The pre-filter lasts 3-6 months and HEPA filter lasts 3-5 years, depending on usage. Look around for a sale price as these go on sale periodically.


I own a couple of the Sharper Image Qudra Ionic Breeze units and they are the trick. No replacement filters. Just rinse the plates when they get loaded. Best of all - no noise. I have one right beside the bed. The other is in the computer room. Here’s the link:

Oh - figure in the cost of replacement filters and the fact that they’ll replace the whole unit for any problem and the cost is a whole lot less than some ‘cheaper’ units. And did I mention - no noise.


Yeah, except that there’s been a few prominent magazines such as Consumer Reports that say the ionic filters are ineffective.

Jlick says "Yeah, except that there’s been a few prominent magazines… "

Not an exception for me. With an iron clad money back offer you can find out if it works for you. In my case with a son with asthma and seasonal problems myself, they are just right and the BEST solution. YMMV.

Note: I’m not connected with SI except as a satisfied customer.