Air pollution, drying clothes, and airing the room

Hi all,

I am trying to get a better understanding of how to deal with air pollution and (not) airing the room. I am living in the city center, 5th floor. According to the information that I found, there is still a high level of air pollution, so I am hesitating to open the windows during traffic times. Also, I would not hang my clothes out to dry outside, because of that.

As a result, my clothes take a long time to dry inside and the apartment gets humid. How would you handle that?

  • let the aircon run more often
  • use a fan to help the clothes dry faster
  • buy a dehumifier
  • other

Thanks for your opinion and suggestions.

This is what we do in the winter.

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Just hang the clothes outside to dry ffs


I have a dryer.


Dryer is good, dryer is good

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I would say that for your health it is far better to dry your clothes outside in the sun if possible. You’re washing in cold water, nothing beats sun dried clothes.


Also use clothes mesh sacks for decent shirts/t shirts and any delicates IF your using a top loader, sacks stop them coming out like a tie dye, top loaders twist clothes around the middle spindle.
Coin launderette not that expensive to dry.


If drying clothes inside you need to combine a dehumidifier and fan or air purifier.

Our apparent has no outside drying facilities so we have to dry inside. It’s a pain. The dehumidifier needs to run for a half a day each load of washing.


You will need a dehumidifier anyway. Hang the clothes outside if you have a bunch.

If you have a small load then just hang in the bathroom.

I hand wash things that will be easily mangled in the washing machine. Those mesh bags are great.

Dryers and full sun will reduce the colors of your clothes and weaken the fabrics. UV is great until it isn’t.

I have to run my dehumidifier 24/7 to keep it at 50% humidity to protect my electronics as well as keep me comfortable.


It depends on the type of fabric of your clothes , like sometimes I found cotton takes more time to dry than synthetic material

Also , don’t overload the washing machine , you can use a laundry bag and the clothes will come almost dry

the washing machines have a high spin setting this may not get them 100 percent dry, but it will get them pretty close.

more info


I buy a used front loading washer/dryer. Best money I ever spent. Set it to wash then dry and forget about it for a day.

I don’t line dry in Taiwan because of humidity and line drying takes up space. Not to mention if you are unlucky, your clothe will take a week to dry, and it will smell funny if it eventually dries.

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Dunno where you are reading stuff but the CWB website shows very good quality, green light air these days. Check the chart to determine if you need allergy medicine.

That said, if you live on a main road, the air pollution from cars/trucks/scooters/buses…well, it’s a completely different story.

dehumidifier and fan or air purifier.

This is the key combo indoors. Most people just use the balcony/coin dryer. It’s like 10 NTDs for 6 minutes.

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Drying clothes indoors without adequate circulation had been linked to lung problems. Get a dryer.

If you must dry indoors, you must run a dehumidifier.

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You’re going to wear your clothes outside. Well, presumably.

It’s a good excuse for your naked Daan jaunts. Just say you’re concerned about the air pollution getting in your clothes.


Purchase a dehumidifier.

I run mine 24/7 (note: Taiwanese will typically think this is insane. I don’t care, as I don’t appreciate the mustiness and mould which appears if one doesn’t do this).



I think dehumidifiers only use a little more energy than a floor fan. No where near an air conditioner, in terms of energy usage.


If your floor fan looks something like this, then yes!

Otherwise no…

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Yeah, a good dehumidifier is using 300w. A good floor fan is using about a third of that.

Yeah 300W was the number I had in my head. But with some energy efficiency features it will be lower. A fan is dumber in that it just runs at full wattage all the time. Anyway, point is an air conditioner is up around 2-3000W.

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