Air pollution, drying clothes, and airing the room

That fan is enormous. What is the energy usage of your dehumidifier!?

Panasonic guys, buy Panasonic.

If you are wealthy, Mitsubishi or Hitachi.

What you spend on the machine you will save on electricity.


I’ve never had luck with Hitachi products. Everything I ever bought from them broke or had problems prematurely.

Panasonic and Mitsubishi (and LG) have been great though.

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The gold standard for dehumidifier and aircon is Mitsubishi. Or so I’ve heard.

I agree. Their industrial line can be used in the home, is very efficient, has a great warranty, and is modular so it’s very easy and often cheaper to change problematic parts. But the initial cost is a great deal more. IMO if you just want to do a single room, save the money and get a Panasonic, but if you’re doing an entire building or apartment go with Hitachi.

A friendly PSA from the handsome guys at the Fire Agency


Whoops. I regularly break two of those rules (proximity to the wall; plus regular—OK, continuous—use).


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Looks like they just recently started to post things bilingually in Chinese and English. Wonder what caused it.

That’s what I thought until I scanned the QR code to check if my dehumidifier is on the list :man_shrugging:

So, is it?

I think they finally started to work towards the bilingual nation goal. Probably related to Banks trying to improve?.

Same two here, but the inlet is at the back and the outlet on top, so I don’t think it matters that is only about 20cm from the wall at its side.

Turning off the dehumidifier when you leave the house would defeat the purpose since keeping it on the constant setting rarely gets humidity down to 40% IME.

Maybe the safest thing would be getting three or four units working together. Then they would get the humidity down quickly and each spend some in suspended mode. But I bet that would add another 1000nt to the electric bill even with the down time