Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading

How is it still on fire? Saw it in the distance when I went for a bike ride.

I’m just waiting to hear how the Chinese set the plastics factory on fire. :whistle:


Due to wind, they’re now advising everyone in Linkou, Taishan, Xinhuang, Shulin, Banqiao, and Tucheng to not open windows and wear masks tomorrow.

I’m still confused how it was still smoking today.

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First time I see <10 in the last few weeks (on day time).


I remember a time when only science fiction alluded to the fact things like simple air and water are an actual worry due to toxicity :face_vomiting:

I can see it taste it smell it and I think maybe even feel it.


I wonder if this was part of the reason why—an early morning fire from around 5:30 am to 7:00 am in Banqiao.


Meanwhile, the city’s Environmental Protection Department urged residents in the Banqiao, Xinzhuang, Wugu, and Shulin areas downwind from the fire districts to keep their doors and windows closed and wear masks when going out.

Quite remiss of the Environmental Protection Department to not clarify the type of masks they’re recommending there. If they were to recommend N95 masks or similar, fine, but the surgical masks people in Taiwan have become accustomed to aren’t going to do much to protect people from airborne pollution.


Like 3 or 4 days ago there was an increase in air pollution and 3 or 4 days ago my sinuses went crazy.

I can’t find anything else to attribute it to.

N95 won’t do much either. There will come a day proper respirators will be necessary. Public wont judge people for wearing them. And people will still probably blame China/anyone who isn’t them :unamused:

We cna all make a difference right now today. First step, stop wasting shit. No more disposables. It’s stupidly easy and makes a HUGE impact when scaled. Key point, EASILY scaled…!


Second key point: do not live in corrugated steel structures. When fire rips through, those things (as shown, unforgettably, in And Miles to Go Before I Sleep) are death traps. :slightly_frowning_face:


Never felt throat irritation so bad as over the past two weeks. Anyone know if that correlates work a particular sort of pollution?

Received a message from school about a factory fire (another one) in Tamsui.

It’s in 北5 road, close to Sanzhi.

@lostinasia don’t go ride over there


I hope they’ve put the fire out by now. Last night I checked the air quality and noticed Fugui/Shimen was significantly higher than other areas, at around 90 I think. I wonder if that fire was the reason.

I’ve been doing a bunch of indoor cycling lately - rain or pollution has kept me off the roads. I’m once again hopeful about tomorrow morning, but I’ve had those hopes dashed by smog a number of times in the past month.

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Unsure. My throat’s been a bit off too, but in my case it’s also possible air conditioning at night is a factor - I started turning that on regularly around the same time the pollution got worse.

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Wondering whether the earthquake triggered some increased rate of volcanic gases emission, such as sulphurous stuff which boosted smog formation.
Any geo-atmospheric chemists out there?

Worse than smoking and worse in the south of Taiwan.


Just great…although the first presenter said you were 1000x more likely to get it than heavy smokers while the second said it was1.044x more likely…neither good but I’ll side with the second figure if I have to.

What is it with Taiwanese reporters and numbers lol.


And the recommendation inside will make some people explode :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“ Chan recommended that people adopt protective measures such as wearing masks.”

Note, I guess he is talking about proper masks and not surgical masks that can only reduce droplets and not particles, but maybe that would have been a good follow up question by the reporter……


Yeah the ‘the scholars recommend the public to adapt healthy habits’


What about tajpower and the scooters and motor vehicles and the factories putting out all the crap