Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


Eh what am I looking at?


Click on EARTH button bottom left. There you can choose different readings (Mode | Air – Ocean – Chem – Particulates).

For example this one is for PM2.5

  • Taiwan, which usually suffers from bad air quality caused by foreign sources from October to April of the following year.

  • the AQI in Mailiao and Lunbei of Yunlin County also flashed a “very unhealthy” purple… did not give an explanation for Mailiao and Lunbei’s health-threatening AQI, but locals usually attribute it to coal-fired power plants and petrochemical manufacturing plants in the area.

PURPLE is 300. Healthy is below 50.


The air tonight in Taipei and New Taipei is absolute shite! What’s going on?


there’s a wind tunnel coming from Shanghai. While most of it gets channeled in the strait, it still has a bad effect on Northern Taiwan



Is the air quality lousy today? I have a headache and my body feels like cr@p.

Today’s location: in Taipei City, in Gongguan.




Better than most of China


Things could be a lot worse. AQI in Deli is over 999!!!


I guess I’m gonna have to hold off on buying that hot pastrami sandwich then!


South of Taichung is pretty bad right now.


I was in Zuoying last Friday. The reading was 152 for that area at that time but that didn’t seem to discourage some lady to burn some paper on Minzu 1st Road…

But hey, we have surgical masks readily available everywhere!


The disconnects between parts of people’s lives here are at times truly staggering.



I’m seeing a really scary forecast for Sunday. Stay indoors!

On a related note, I’ve got a winter allergy for the first time in my life. Comes and goes just like during the spring. I’m sure it’s the pollution. Gets worse on the bad air days.


Oh crap - in the 200s?! I’m seeing that too. Let’s hope that’s not an accurate forecast.


How are you seeing air pollution forecast? Phone app or website?

I only see real time with the tools I’m using.


Scroll down. I can see it with my phone or on my computer. Never seen that color for Taipei before!




Why can’t I get info for Taipei? What am I doing wrong?