Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


Air visual is better. There will be a wave of pollution from China on Sunday, Korea is suffering from that at this very moment.


Nothing. It appears that the web site uses districts or MRT stations as locations for monitoring stations. There is no “Taipei”. Look at the map for the measuring stations. Guess you use the one closest to you.



I am not finger-pointing.


Ew that’s like cancer diagram.


I felt a little bit of throw up in my mouth after seeing that.


I love the color scheme. It looks like a diseased lung or liver.


:S holy China…


You have to be more specific, such as Guting, Wanhua, Zuoying, etc.


This photo was the cover page of (at least) one newspaper today

If I understand well, it is to show that pollution in central parts of China have exceeded the color code created by the -please complete-… The worst color was brown… but over 550… it turns black


What @mjopp and @nonredneck said works, but if you want to have a simultaneous view of more monitors in the Taipei area, I think (i. e., it seems to have worked for me, unless I’m not having a lucid interval) you can use and click Taipei (ignoring the Wade-Giles “(Pan-ch’iao)” pronunciation guide next to the word “Taipei”) in the big list of cities, or you can just use (I wrote “more monitors” because I’m not sure whether shows all the monitors for Taipei proper).

Further down (using the Find function on the browser), it appears that “TAIPEI CITY” in all caps is shown with clickable district links (for Shilin, Zhongshan, Wanhua, Guting, Songshan, Datong, and Yangming).


It’s absolutely my real experience. I used to do a ‘round China sales trip’ taking in many big cities from North to South.
In the Winter ALL of them would be covered in haze. When you realise that’s it’s over 3 hours flight from South to North the magnitude of the problem becomes apparent.
Literally the whole country is covered in filth.


This seems to be pointing to improving conditions in China. For our sake, I hope this is true. Hard to believe, though.


Some readings just taken:
290 PM2.5
480 PM10
Outside in Tamsui

240 PM2.5
410 PM10
Inside apartment 12F says 153 and 74 … Yah yah … :nauseated_face:


Hm. How much local variability is there? If the AQI map is accurate, the measuring station is on the river, so presumably slightly cleaner than next to a street - but I’m not sure what numbers would reflect “slightly cleaner”.

The AirVisual Earth map is terrifying right now. There’s a big blob of purple heading our way, and the outer edge of it is just moving south over Danshui right now. Central Taipei, it’s coming for you.


Anyone knows computation of PM?
Anyone knows where to move to?
If anyone knows the air that used to be?


I am afraid that stuff worse than SARS might hide inside the brown map. Air-borne virus likely loves polluted air.


Nah. We’re all looking forward to the fireworks though, especially in the south.


According to
dirty air is coming / has already come
Taipei is all red already…
slowly coming down South
around Miaoli right now


very visible in their new (to me) world map of air circulation


So far, Hualien is being spared. Nice little 38 in green. It was supposed to be bad here starting at around 2 pm.