Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


I almost always see a smog layer when flying over Taipei right through the year. Its not particularly clean at all. I have many pictures of this over the years.


Correction: Taipei does.

My statement does not apply if one lives in Keelung or Ruifang.

I get where you’re coming from though, but I’ve experienced true blue skies in Taiwan (Kenting) and it gives me a sunburn in the time it takes to walk to 7-11 and back.


The air pollution in Kaohsiung has been absolutely gross yesterday and today. It was over AQI 170 yesterday and the air tasted like burnt rubber. I drive a scooter so I am getting even more crap in my lungs at ground level.

Today is not much better.


I spent the day yesterday driving all around Chiayi County from Meishan to Budai and there was just a constant stench in the air and haze.


Helping pollution?


For weather experts out there: any ideas why the air quality has gotten so much worse today? The weather’s been cold wet crap for about a week, but the air quality was good. Today, no real change in the weather, but it’s toxic out there.


You are right. Wind from North now.


How do you take the readings?


I want the location of that 17 reading. I want to move there.


I think Yangmingshan’s a little more upmarket than Xindian. :money_mouth_face:


It seems the EPA’s data beautification algorithm missed a spot today



Current readings are the same for Northern Taiwan and Beijing


Yup, it’s ugly now. Weird day: in the morning it was lovely. Even from Danshui I could see ascending levels of mountains to the south. But later in the morning, and since then, ugh.

I don’t suppose I can blame more than 10% of this on all the baibai burning and fireworks?


So is phase one of China’s plan to conquer Taiwan to match the air quality with China?


I blame it on the baibai.


Even Penghu is bad at 99.

An island catching bad air from both Taiwan and China.


You can blame more than 80% of this on China.


Thats sad.




I like using this site better. Thousands of citizen stations so you can compare to government numbers. Unlike the aqicn site, this displays raw pm2.5 values, not AQI; so use this calculator to compare.

For reference:

 PM2.5 | AQI
    0  |   0
    6  |  25
   12  |  50
   23.5|  75
   35.4| 100
   45.2| 125
   55.4| 150
   102 | 175
   150 | 200

The relation is not linear as you can see - the AQI is more strict at lower levels.

In related news, just ordered myself a Honeywell HPA200. Hopefully will increase lifespan by a couple of years.