Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


One of the rare times KHH is looking pretty good compared to the rest of the west coast (except Pingtungville).

On this link, can see how bad China’s pollution is even for central/north Thailand and South Korea:


8AM Dansui balcony 12F.
AQL reading at the same time: 150!!


This is gross.



Thanks for the link… … Very useful and informative
I looked at my area… Obviously there is a station in every elementary school… Pretty good!


Well, my alarm got me up early for a bike ride, but I saw (or rather didn’t see) the skies and got some more sleep. So, um, that’s good?


Was planning a long run. Forget that. Unhappy as hell since I already swam yesterday.


You’d think the whole city would be revolting (in revolt :grinning:). There should be marches and protests against this.


Holy crap Taipei is awful today. Is this intentional?


no need to visit beijing this year as i was planning, beijing has been brought to me!


Oh, believe me, this in NOTHING compared to Beijing in winter …


March against the wind?


Getting better but still way over 100. So my long run is scheduled for tomorrow. Sucks. Going crazy here sitting on my butt all day.


According to the EPA, it’s because of the Lantern Festival celebrations last night. Yeah, right. I think it’ll take more than a few firecrackers to turn that air to the soup outside.


Fireworks do contribute a lot to air pollution, you can see the stats every Chinese New Year.
Obviously this wave seems to be connected with mainland China .


The usual excuses from the EPA bullshit factory.
The air has been horrendous here in Taichung for the past THREE days. It cleared up suddenly this evening, most likely due to the Longjing power plant being put on a “go slow” again… thank god.


Looks like another lovely day in Taipei.




I just arrived back in Taipei a couple of days ago and went on a late-morning run along the Meiti and Dajia Riverside Parks, staying as close to the river to, you know, breathe as clean air as possible. Later the same day looked at the city and wondered if that run wasn’t foolish, but my lungs were OK. Maybe I’ll plan some workouts for the nearest city exercise center.


Where did you buy that machine?


Is that really any better? I go to the pool on bad air days but I really do wonder if I’m helping anything. I mean I’m sure it’s better working out indoors than it is to run along a busy road, but when the air quality is as bad as it was on Saturday, it’s hard for me to believe that things are that much better moving things indoors.