Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


Don’t be silly. You can excersie indoors on a hazy day.:roll:


There’s been a sizable area of Eastern China that has all 999 readings lately.
Is that even possible, or is that the default reading when the monitors are off?


I think that’s the default reading when it’s over 9000!!!


I have a hygrometer (digital) and an air cleaner (SHARP KC-JD50T-W), both display humidity levels and both are in the same room about 1.5 meters away from each other. To my understanding, the air cleaner is NOT a dehumidifier, it’s only purpose is…an air cleaner.

The hygrometer is at 70-75% on a regular basis, but the air cleaner has been displaying 90% ever since I moved it into the room about a week ago.

It’s very unlikely that the room humidity is at 90% otherwise I would easily feel it and just turn on the AC unit’s dehumidifier.

Does anyone have a similar Sharp air cleaner or have had similar issues?


This is pretty alarming.


^Repost from like last year.


How can it be? The article came out just last week.


This is a somewhat similar article dated October 12, 2013:

However, Incubus’s article says something about the study being ongoing, so there may be new information in it (I didn’t read everything in both articles, so I don’t know; I’ll just take Incubus’s article’s word for it :slight_smile:.)


Something new that perhaps escaped Gain’s eye: there are some digs in the 2018 article at the Tsai government’s plan to curtail the use of nuclear power. We gotta have nuclear power to stop all this lung cancer!



Yeah. Kind of weird. Goal is to close down all nuke power sometime in the 2020s, yet article the other day about starting up (new/old) coal plant(s). Wtf?

The gov’t just chasing their tail on this issue.
Now, if somehow the gov’t budgeted billions of NTD (like it does to building roads to nowhere) to have nearly all buildings in Taiwan have solar power, then that would really perk up some ears on this topic.


I think @Gain was referring to this Kman article from a few months ago.


I’ve seen the same article like 6 times on multiple different sites.


You name it they burn it here, that’s the problem.


Don’t I know it! Look at this shot from Monday, next to the highway by the airport.


Is that burning of leaves, etc. on a farm? That bothers me almost more than anything. Living next to a mountain and heading into the hills for hiking and cycling often, the burning of leaves just drives me crazy.


I believe that’s exactly what it is. Saw it posted on a local FB page (我是中壢人). It’s less than 10 km from my home!


It’s on the same topic but they’re different articles. The earlier article is about a report by Common Wealth Magazine. The one I posted was written by Matthew Fulco.


Looks like another attempt at the longest rainbow on record.


Much blame goes to air pollution


So… is living in Taiwan an “earlier” death sentence?
I’m surprised there is no riot with all these studies.