Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


I have one of those at home. I try to convince myself that it’s expensive because of the air filter…because it sucks as a fan. It’s loud and if you’re not within a meter of it, you don’t get much fan.


Solar panels and windmills are so ugly. We should just keep burning huge amounts of fossil fuels and I’m sure it will all work itself out.


But we need more bird choppers on our coasts. They help keep those pesky bird populations under control.


After heavy rainfall during the night the air is super clean. I haven’t seen it so good for a very long time. I can see the mountains and Taichung downtown from far away. Absolutely no haze. Breathing feels amazing. It is cloudy but the visibility is far better than on a sunny day.


The air is not looking so good right now. Cannot even see the other side of Taipei at .ferris wheel. That isn’t rain nor fog.


My god that’s depressing…


Compared to a few months ago clear day.

And this



The air right now in Taipei City is disgusting.

Can’t wait for the new Shenao coal plant to be up and running! That’ll certainly fix things.



really gross out there today. the sky is blue but i can’t see any mountains surrounding me due to the shit in the air.


I see more blue sky than I did yesterday. Baby steps, everyone!



Memories of sweet Taichung.
What’s the PM levels ?


Readings are unusually low. Did it rain last night or something? Very rarely see that much green!


Sight test vindicated! : P



Wind blowing different direction helps.


It wasn’t even that serious yesterday.


It’s all just sticks in the fire.


In a different topic, why the heck are those Dyson things so expensive?! I ain’t paying 25k for a vaccum cleaner?! 20k for an air purifier maybe, those huge Mitsubishi or Hitachi made in japan are worth every penny. You turn t on and forget about pet smells and any other stink. But 25k for a glorified air con standing unit like the ones locals have been making since forever and used to cost 5k more or less, and people would buy them because the installation of an AC was not possible in their homes.


Name brand. Fan + air purifier. Saves room aaaand it’s quiet?

My parents got one and it really wasn’t worth the 15-20k they spent. At least I don’t think it was. If you’re not half a meter away from it, you aren’t getting too much action unless you crank up the fan speed.

It is good for the bedroom since it’s super quiet at lower fan speeds when you sleep.

I guess the expensive price tag is for the air purifier?


I got the smaller one which blows hot air too as a gift.

It is awesome especially in winter, but yeah a lot of money. I think it cost 18k at the time.