Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


At least some clean energy projects are starting up.


Pity the author gets it wrong about when this project was proposed. Actually there have been foriegn companies in Taiwan such as Siemens working on this off shore proposal for over 10 years at least!

Looks like the government shockingly overpaid for the wind power, possibly by a factor of 5x!

A Tesla battery bank would seem a good way to capture this energy when at surplus.


I have always wondered though if the wind turbines here are the same as in th eol country. The ones here are on the coast, in the water, not inland. And I bet they have to be anchored really hard to withstand typhoons. Otherwise, why didn’t they start the projets sooner? Yes, there is political pigheadness, but still.


Why Not sooner ?
Cos they built more fossil plants over that period I guess in places like Miaoli.
Local companies not connected with power traditonally were moaning they didn’t get the top contracts, thankfully tsai govt didn’t repeated nuclear mistake .

It’s well known for probably hundreds of years that the Taiwan strait has some of the most sustained wind in the world . I don’t believe it’s particularly deep either but ocean wind turbine tech has really developed quickly over the last few years.

The pricing seems very high that they locked into for 20 years given that there were at least seven bidders.

Well better done late than never they definitely need a power bank to store electricity at peak times and even the load.


Cancer rates higher in south due to pollution.


High arsenic in rice because it naturally has some plus air/soil pollution.


They have also pushed for the frozen gas reserves in the ocean bed around Taiwan. Wonder how feasible that is.


Unbelievably crisp, clean the last few days. 6?


…Because in summer the wind blows from East (Pacific ocean) to West

The problem is in winter when the winds bring pollution from China and Northern China


It’s been absolutely gorgeous for the past week or so. The typhoon of course helped, but usually summer is lovely in Taipei. Well, too hot, but lovely skies.


I think it’s very rarely like this with that deep blue sky.


Love this Pacific high–blue skies, white clouds, slight breeze. Just stay out of the direct sunshine and things are great!



In the park under the trees it is very comfortable.


Yes it was :slight_smile:
Bitan was busy this evening .