Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


just a few bad days?
maybe your lungs have evolved to superhuman level.


Here is the aforementioned video of Taiwan’s West Coast. It’s still converting so might take a few mins to appear.

Note: looking left is North, looking right is South.


Glad to see everyone’s in a good mood today. :smiley:


Video is online. K-man where are you !
Gain don’t have a heart attack, have an ice cream instead.


That’s one big-ass jetpack you have there!


It doesn’t look that bad tbh. Actually the clouds and mountains look surprisingly good.


Yep, no way to pin that one on China.


nasty. taipei is amazing these days…why!


Weak wind.


Some people will never be satisfied.
As it continued down the coast the haze was so thick you couldn’t see land at all.


It’s typhoon season, huge airflows moving the pollution away.


can we get the govt to build some giant ass fan over taipei for the non typhoon season? they can pollute all they want if it gets blown away like this, the weather has been amazing these days.


It’s not typhoon season. It’s just summer.


Yes, it may go away soon…so what? I have asthma. I’m entitled to whine.

And yes, the government does plan to build more fossil fuel plants - Google it. I didn’t say anything about them being planned for in Taichung.

Please be more informed before you start whining about me whining.


the real whiners

and Danny DeVito with a bit of hair


Today everybody in Taichung city was breathing the fumes of the Taichung harbor power plant
See the direction of the winds and the PM2.5 by yourself


It’s fucking typhoon season. Summer is white skies, polluted air and nasty humidity. Typhoon weather is bright blue skies, wind and clean air. Do you have to argue with everything?


Sure looked like it from my video.
The haze was coming from local sources .

You could literally see where the edge of the pollution cloud was.
Also you can see some kind of smokestack pumping out smoke in the bottom center of the video .

Now to find a link to my old doomsday Taichung pollution video (I used to live on the leeward side of the mountain that separates the power station from the city…Depending on the prevailing wind I could see a dark cloud roll over the hill sometimes).

Here she is ladies and gentlemen.
June 2013

Now you can see why I became obsessed with air pollution for a while.
Yes I am the Honcho.


There was no typhoon over the last two months and there was barely any polluted day.


It’s been pretty bad today in Taichung . Really @gain .