Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


I know that. I’m in Taichung now :roll:

I meant before these couple of days, it had been ok.


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See? I told you so.


Taichung 2019


Step by step understanding where the pollution comes from

Thumbs up to Taichung EPA agency

The article is in Chinese, but the EPA has -finally- caught Tah Hsin達新工業, the company that produces the famous raincoats with the little man as a logo. They are guilty of (please confirm, my Chinese is not that good) discharging 800 tons of poison gas up in the air per year since 2009… Considering the factory is near Taichung harbor, no wonder Changhua residents get cancer in winter, and Miaoli residents in summer.

The article:

空污元兇! 雨衣大廠達新偷排「毒廢氣」 毒害台中居民



There are some phrases I do not expect to see on forumosa—or anywhere else. This is one of them.




Please specify


The fact that the EPA is doing something, anything to protect the environment and public health is a startling new concept. These guys (not just the Taichung office) have worked hard to cement a reputation of protecting heavy polluters, not the environment. Of course this is a system wide problem in Taiwan, one that has made the EPA one of the most toothless government agencies around.

As an aside, I wonder if something is up with municipal elections around the corner. Central Taiwan is a key political battleground and the sh*tty air in and around Taichung is obviously unpopular. The cynical side of me wonders if they are making a show here to say, Hey, we are doing something about this problem.



Thanks for sharing your point of view


Air is good again in Taipei. Looks like that will be the case again tomorrow. And then I head to Hualien for good air every day!


Pure scapegoatism. The untouchables (Nanya, FPG etc.) remain, well, untouchable.

20,000 documented violations annually, zero fines.


On the plus side, the pollution that sticks to the window screens cuts down on the need to buy curtains. This screen was totally clean less than a year ago. Imagine what goes into your lungs.


It’s official folks.

When the spouse, parents, kids accuses you of being a dumbarse.

You, we, all of us are dumbarses.

We are in this thing together.


According to the study, the damaging effects of air pollution seem to affect older males more dramatically. Given what I have seen so far in Taiwan, this does make sense.



Slight coal smell in the air today in Taipei. Pollution currently at orange levels. No idea how people in the south put up with this regularly.


Seems like this wave is mostly from China.


I work outside all day everyday and live in the south. My throat and lungs get pretty :banana: up.

I try and eat lots of anti-inflammatory foods, consume lots of vitamin c and drink TONS of water. I have a beard, so wearing a mask is useless.

Is there anything else you guys do to help with/negate the negative effects of this :banana: air quality?


Shave the beard!



It’s all relative. Have plenty of fried food and alcohol, then air pollution will be the least of your problems. And you’re having a good time too!

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