Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


Do you recommend taking up smoking to speed the whole process along?


I’m working on making my heart or liver give up first, before the air pollution destroys my lungs. Smoking would be counterproductive to that plan.


The air pollution will actually help to damage your heart and all of your cardiovascular system. Your in luck my friend. As for your liver, hmmm. Are you cooking with gutter oil for all your meals? Or using any traditional Chinese medicine? Having a TCM hotpot a day should help to destroy those pesky kidneys and liver. Also make sure you don’t filter your drinking water. You want those heavy metals to help slowly poison you. You might want to considering moving to the south of Taiwan if you currently live up north. Try to eat eggs from local farmers, at least 12 eggs a day.

Any other tips?


None of these sound overly fun. At the end of the day, I’m a hedonist, so I think I’ll just stick to drinking and taking in plenty of tasty calories.


What’s a TCM hotpot? Sounds interesting.


You have a beard? :heart_eyes:

I try to stay indoors with the air purifier on.

When I go out, I try to make it a trip to a park or riverside or somewhere green where it smells different. Not like something burning all the time.




Usak Turkey, 814


The map today doesn’t really support the theory that air pollution comes from China.

A better theory is that Taiwan creates its own air pollution and anything from China just adds to existing air pollution.


I can’t find the link right now but I believe the EPA itself states that not more than 30% of Taiwan’s pollution is coming from China. The main pollution source in the north is traffic while in the south it’s industry and of course the huge coal power plant. If the winds are not favourable, the local pollution becomes really visible. Wind speed is currently low to none.


Before today and yesterday it hasn’t been that bad this year tbh. Especially in Taichung.

I guess just wait for this wave to pass.


Looks like it will stay like that for a week or more…


I was down in Kaohsiung a couple of weeks ago, it’s been really bad down there. Usually winter is the worst period.
So bad that it could be a glorious blue sky day but it’s covered in this greyish whitish haze instead.


It’s been normal bad and it always starts from autumn so it’s nothing really special.


Well according to the locals I talked to they said its usually worse in Winter.

But thanks for adding your special sauce.


Well yeah it’s the worst in winter and now it’s like almost winter so the wind direction is the same.

It has been better in Taichung though (except yesterday and today and that wave from China a couple of weeks ago). There has not been too many orange and red days, which is kinda shocking.


Isn’t the standard figure 70% of Taiwan’s air pollution is home produced?


That’s on average, but the situation depends on the wind. Sometimes the pollution comes from China.

This wave isn’t though. There’s no wind so it’s just awful.


This fucking sucks. My throat hurts already and I’m wheezing. I don’t know how I’ll be able to do another winter like this.


Working outdoors ?
Do you take anti allergy meds like cetirizine? I found that helped a lot.
Air purifiers at home.