Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


Yeah, I’m outside for about 10 hours a day.

No, should I be taking them? It helps with the wheezing?


Numbers in Taipei going up now as well. Seems to be creeping in from the south.


It was very helpful for myself and my family. The wheezing is usually due to the allergic reaction to pollution .
Take one a day to prevent the allergic reaction the following day. You can buy it OTC in drug stores.

Anyway, see a doctor it will be very helpful for you. Unlikely but you could have asthma or bronchitis etc.


Get one of these


They always tell me I just have a flu/cold and that’s it’s from working with kids because I’m an English teacher (which I’m not). I tell them I work outside and it’s probaly the pollution that’s irritating my lungs and throat. They always look at my like I’m some idoit (which I am).

this is the look the doc gives me when I suggest that my sore throat and lungs are air pollution related.

Which brand do you recommend?


Just a heads up out there. For Friday.


It’s barely over 150, man up.


It’s at home, I think it’s the original drug manufacturer for cetirizine, Zyrtec. Different drugs stores have very diff pricing !
Cetirizine doesn’t make you as drowsy as the first generation anti histamines . Still wouldn’t take too many of them…
Should also check with a doc of course.


North Taiwan is hitting red now.


It’s about time you northerners got some love.


Yep it was particularly hazy and grey today .


And the sneezing. I take one every evening before bed and I can breath freely all day. Not sleepy in the daytime nor sneezing my head off. I get a two month supply per visit to my neighborhood clinic.

I can stop taking them in summer, and if the air is not that bad in autumn, once every two days is more than enough.

Oh and the air purifier at home is a must.


It’s not that bad not in relation to the morning and yesterday (other than in a couple of cities like Hsinchu and KH).

Don’t you live in Taipei? The air quality in Taipei over the last month has been better than most cities than Europe.


Yep but I work around Taipei Main Station, which is not exactly greenery central. And I am very sensitive: they spread insecticide a few days ago and I had to take my usual medicine plus a reinforcement because I had a reaction.


Today air is horrible. I’m feeling like shit. Itchy mouth/throat, heavy breath, stuffy nose… it can’t get much worse. I hope.


I’m considering just fucking off to kentting or the east coast. I can’t take much more of this shit and it’s only been a few days. I don’t think I’ll last this winter.


Yeah today in north Taiwan is awful. My eyes feel like they’re on fire. : (



luckily the pollution doesn’t effect me too much, on the surface at least… i just think it smells disgusting and looks like shite. i rode to yingge today from taipei. it was proper n64 graphics bad. very thick smog engulfing taipei. last time i rode in that direction i had some stunning views. not today.


Weather some of these days was awesome…


I don’t think so , where are you getting that data from ?
Most cities in Europe aren’t London.

I stand on a street corner here and I’m inhaling a noxious cloud of scooter smoke any day of the week.
That’s a good day when they aren’t burning the paper shit.