Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


Most of the houses in Taiwan are 4 floors high

Since you sound like an expert in botany and plants
Please specify ‘how many plants in a house’ is ‘too many’?

I repeat ‘house’… ‘house’… ‘house’… ‘house’… ‘house’
not ‘sealed apartment or small bedrooms’
not ‘apartments’
not ‘Imagine you are in a small bedroom with poor circulation’
not ‘if you are sleeping in a small bedroom’
not ‘in a small bedroom with the door shut and a whole bunch of plants and yourself stuck in it’

I SAID ‘HOUSE’ the typical house in Taiwan, which is a HOUSE


How many people live in houses here ?
Even having lots of plants in a typical Taiwanese house. Going to be tough. On the balconies or the rooftop , why not…


Are there many houses left in taipei?




‘House’ houses…Almost none.


How come? I know plenty in daan close to carnegies , maokong I think is only/almost only houses. Then there are lots of then in yamingshan and neihu. Close to elephant mountain are several as well.

Beitou/yamingshan area also got them


Probably depends on your definition of house but Songshan has loads of 4 story town houses. They aren’t very wide, but the whole house is yours.


Depends what Tommy means by houses. Anyway fact is there are very few houses compared to apartments in the cities and in northern Taiwan in particular.


I think of house as 1 or 2 levels with a yard and parking for at least 1 car.


Air suddenly bad at 9pm.

Air quality in Taichung

Looks good compared to China today.


The progress on renewable energy is too slow.
No new reactors.
We are stuck with coal.


We need natural gas quickly to fill the gap.


The main difference so far this year is…

The North winds are too weak to bring the pollution down to Taiwan


The air in Taiwan is not good. I came back and immediately my throat and lungs feel irritated.


hahaha, quoting myself, but need to edit

The main difference so far this year is…

The North winds are too weak to bring THE COLD and the pollution down to Taiwan

That’s why it is so warm right now


Its trying


Had an X-ray today and the doctor said my lungs look like normal Taiwanese lungs. Little white speckles made by Taiwanese pollution.
18 years. But I looked at an X-ray from 2012 and that too had the white speckles. I need to get a copy of the new one to compare.
Hopefully, I will be gone by next summer to a less polluted place.


Aqi numbers low in Taichung today , as we gaze at the pollution cloud blanketing the city :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Tainan blue sky but this