Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


Is it a deep blue sky or more likely a milky blue. Milky blue is often a polluted sky…The haze is diffusing the light .


Not milky blue in Tainan yet. Can still see the moon in the east at 2pm


Almost no wind in region, stagnating air bumping up bad air.


Not great.
Look at Beijing !



Looking good today.


That pollution in China is kind of what Taiwan used to look like 30 years ago. Maybe not quite as bad though !


Because of the southerly winds…Lucky with the wind direction.



The Antichrist number! 666 is the number branded on the head of Satan’s son .:scream:


Yes indeed. The Antichrist number! 666 is the number branded on the head of Satan’s son .:scream:

There is nothing lucky to have “southerly winds” in December
“…Lucky with the wind direction.” And you are in the wrong direction

So… Message for everyone: Prepare your emergency shelters for 2019


Give it up…Maybe some indoor plants will help.:grin:


Wait… wait for me… let me find the link… of… (going through the history… blablabla)

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By[AstroJane] Posted on December 28, 2018

Scientists at the civil and environmental engineering department at the University of Washington have genetically modified a common houseplant to break down toxic molecules present in chlorinated water and gasoline. The plant, “pothos ivy”, was engineered to express a protein called 2E1 which enables the breakdown of benzene and chloroform into components the plant can use for its own needs. The targeted chemicals are found in small amounts inside typical households, building up over time, but the size of their molecules is too small to be caught by HEPA filters. Since exposure to these chemicals has been linked to cancer, this scientific accomplishment is good news for human health.


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Starting the year off well.


I actually saw mountains in Taichung this weekend (from Taichung?). Mountains!! And bits of blue sky. If it were always like this, I might consider moving down here and away from Rainville. But we all know it can’t be…


Hey get a good mask.


But why? I don’t get it.


I had the most amazing view from an hilltop looking down over Taichung with the central mountains in the background. Pity I only saw them about once a month.


Thought today would be a sunny Saturday. Woke up to overcast skies. Er…those are not clouds. Air pollution today is terrible.


Strange change in Taipei.