Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


It will pass soon enough.

Air quality has improved nation-wide. Average PM 2.5 in Taichung for example was only 18.9 in 2018.

But of course you guys would say these are all fake news. Y’all need to stop buying KMT and China’s propaganda.


Fake News

Almost every single county and city steadily reducing pollution year by year, laughable.

It actually contradicts the pattern of their own stats on the left . Look at Zhanghua for example.


What contradiction? What are you even talking about?

And yes in every city and county the pollution steadily decreases.You are just too stubborn to acknowledge it.


In reality it wouldn’t steadily decrease everywhere . Those stats are fixed.
And on the left table it shows big jumps down not steady decrease e.g Zhanghua

Also why are they choosing just ONE or TWO monitoring stations.only in whole counties and cities ?
Tell me which monitoring stations were chosen and show it on a map.

I’m on to their game.


Not where I’m at. Have you factored in a shift of the jet stream from last year? I OCD the AQICN every day, multiple times a day, for the last 5 years. Shit aint getting any easier out there.


I don’t need stats or reports. All I have to do is look out the window or step outside. The air is toxic out there today. No denying that.


Well this is interesting. The visual map cleary shows the pollution in red from China following the wind stream and hitting Taiwan on West coast matching the data. Looks like winds from south cause it to stall mid way down.


[irony mode on]
Be careful, Tango42, you are bringing real data, so you are not credible!
Here is forumosa. you need to cite your best friend or your own eyes,
but no official data, it’s all fake and manipulated. You have been brainwashed, haven’t you?
[irony mode off]


Humour mode off too as well lol


Irony of ironies: the places on this island that enjoy the best weather are also the ones suffering from the worst air quality…Sigh…


I loved Taichung weather so much. Even by end of August you’d start to get a sea breeze in the evening. Winter is very dry…Sunny.
I thinks its sunny 300+ days a year!

It’s seriously a great climate…but the air pollution sucked big time. Yes a great pity.

Living in Taichung literally felt like living in a different country. Its also the space so that you can relax a bit more wherever you go. Most of the folks here who’ve never lived anywhere but Taipei don’t really get how different the experience is.


I do that as well and shit is getting easier.

It has gotten a lot better.



all true for Kaohsiung as well


People are nicer and more friendly. People dress better. Girls are prettier :slight_smile:


Nicer and friendlier.
Honestly I didn’t really feel that . I thought Taichung was the same old big city stuff and a lot of folks there have moved from other parts of Taiwan. The restaurant propietors and neighbours were the usual standoff kind of people, would rarely chat . But it’s just a more relaxed lifestyle.
People dress better? If you mean sandals and t-shirts most of the year yeah. :slight_smile:


Again it appears that air pollution is coming from China.


Taipei today looking west from Daan. Can recognize difference between clouds and air pollution. Matches the data.




Taken from Far Eastern Plaza?