Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


Wow, if you had shown me this picture of Taipei’s sky back when I was living in Taipei in the mid-80s, I would have been shocked at how clean & unpolluted it looks. An utter miracle!


And here’s Taipei today looking east from Ximen. Looks like the eastern skies were cleaner.


Miracle ?
Still kills people…


This is not common. Actually very uncommon. A miracle for today.



Lol give me a break. It’s usually like that unless it’s raining.


Blue sky? Rare. Pollution and cloudy, yes usually like that.


Shitty mist last night… A smelly one.


Cloudy yes, pollution no. Today’s situation is rare.


Winter, kind of unusual, yeah. Summer, no, not unusual - for at least a few years now, Taipei summer skies have been gorgeous. Frickin’ hot, but gorgeous.


Air pollution is my friend.


Gorgeously milky blue polluted.
If you fly in and out like I do you’ll see the normal state of affairs is for Taipei to be covered in a polluted haze, with the true blue sky visible above that. That’s just the stuff we see.
If you look at the first picture he posted that actually has a pollution layer over the city. Normal.


Hard to tell today if West coast is creating it’s own pollution or its coming from China. Looks like west coast is creating its own pollution.




Looks like changhua making their own.

Carbon monoxide.


Conclusion : China is some shithole.
Taiwan isn’t helping itself either.


These last two days I saw again that milky whitey shit in the air. While I like milk and white things in general, this concerned me a bit again. There was also this smell of like plastic/chemicals in the air… dunno how to describe it. Worrisome.


yeah we all know you like white things, you keep repeating it


Not really. BTW, do you like white things?


Good news. Google’s Taiwan data center is going to be powered by solar in the future.