Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


That’s good. I wonder why the wind farms mostly stopped construction and pulling out of Taiwan because they say paraphrased “the tax laws appear favorable but are actually unfavorable”.



Really!? What time did you take this screenshot?

The mountains East of Taichung were visible from Taichung harbor all day long

And then… mid-afternoon, the skies started to darken
Was it rain or pollution? I can not say. I was busy working


These two days I felt like asthma


Just after 11 last night.


So glad I’m where one of those 38’s is situated.


The only spot RED this morning in Taiwan is next to the huge Formosa Chemical plant.

Formosa Chemicals & Fiber Corp. Yunlin


But it must be its proximity to China.


Of course.


You eee? China, it’s right there.


Wonder why one area like Guting would be higher than others.


112 AQI, humidity 74%, low pollen. Hazy sky probably a mix of pollution and humidity.


Are you denying that China is a significant factor for pollution in Taiwan? this might be leftovers from a previous pollution wave or just a one off.
Of course blaming it all on China is stupid but seems obvious to me that they are a big part of the problem.


I came back from rural south east asia yesterday and landing in Taiwan with the horrible ubiquitous air pollution layer wasn’t too pleasant. Seriously made me question what we are doing living here.

While we were in the countryside we weren’t sneezing or suffering from rhinitis.

Back to sneezing today.


I flew in from Bangkok yesterday, and the sky on the cab ride to Taipei city from Taoyuan was just disgusting. Interestingly I thought it looked much worse than Bangkok, even though Bangkok was running a higher ppm. Is there any way Taiwan could be fudging the numbers?


They could be. We need to check civilian air pollution sensor networks.

It was interesting in SEA towns you get a lot of sooty diesel pollution from the motorized trikes and trucks, probably from burning forests and agro waste too, but generally not so much of the fine haze in East Asia.
I didnt seem to have an allergic reaction there at all even though it’s obviously unhealthy.

But when we come back here with the finer PM2.5 pollution and humidity…allergies are back.


It’s because you are biased. It’s not even that bad now and the past few days’ haze comes from China.


Not that bad my ass. Most of the country is covered by a blanket of pollution.


The AQI is YELLOW all over the country.


AQI is a blanket term for pollution levels but different particles have different effects. Some might cause more haze, some might cause more soot smell, etc.