Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


Funny enough I drove past TSMC in the park and dark smoke/steam was billowing out from one of their ‘towers’.
But I’m sure there’s a few reasons for the smog today, factories, power plants, inversion, China, smoke from tomb sweeping (Hakka started already), traffic exhaust from all the vehicles…


Any hepa filter air purifier will clean PM 2.5, its great if they have one that senses it and turns on automatically .


151 Unhealthy according to my app. Pretty smoggy out there today…


What was that white shit today, seriously?


Just walked outside in Taipei and its still smoggy under the streetlights


Do any of you guys/gals get your lungs checked by doctors?

Are getting tests done important?
When should one be nervous?
What are the signs of something serious?


I’ve got the Dyson purifier with sensor going. It normally shuts off after running for a few minutes. Tonight it is has just continually sat there on level 4 (out of 10 possible settings), windows open just a crack.


Yes, was dreadful in Xin Dian today. Was like a yellow smog. Not looking good.


good question.
and after how long living here


I smoked for 14 years prior to moving here and absolutely hate myself for that…


Air is thick in Taipei. Got my throat feeling a bit funny after a long day out. Not sure if that’s related, but I definitely feel gross just looking at how smoggy it is out there.


I think you should get an X-ray and CT scan done , just as a precaution. You can just tell your Doctor that you have a pain in your chest and are worried about it . Very inexpensive and well worth it . A lot is treatable …if caught early . Don’t put it off.


Air is fine in Taipei(gongguan), just a bit foggy. It will probably rain soon so I guess the fog will clear as well


in guting levels are at 168 :astonished:


Must be the sensor is next to some bus station or something, looking out from my balcony it’s super clear if it wasn’t for the fog


That’s spelled “smog” not “fog”…


tottally that is not fog, that is pollution


Me too! This is not good. : (



That’s about as much as I paid for the sharp plasma-caster model. I can walk people through the process of getting it that cheap and sending it to the airport if anyone is going to Japan. I speak completely fluent Japanese. They want around 20,000 over here in Taiwan which is pure robbery. Sharp Taiwan also says they won’t service models bought overseas even if you pay them. I guess that is how they get people to buy it here. I’ve found it to be built very well though and shouldn’t be an issue.


You’re right, but it just makes me nervous.