Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


As well as the initial cost of only 4,495 NT.


Also Xiaomi has a 2 stage filter. 1 of the filters is HEPA the other is I believe chemical. The filter is also very big and filters from 3 sides. Just bought a filter replacement costs 750NT


World’s most polluted cities (AQI). Kaoshiung comes in at #530.,keXpAghcrTKuyDckb,QEiYfrYgcCN86Xy36,hTsefDyvXrsNjfHYz,T2nap5QamgYjAPmKt,


From the same source:

Just for you to get some perspectives.


Well the sharp unit I have allows you to use a vacuum to clean out the filter. Filter is said by them to last 10 years. Also has a sensor that monitors the air quality level and humidity level. Has a built in humidifier too. Got it for around 5,000ntd in Japan. Costs near 20k here in Taiwan for the same model. Talk about robbery…
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I have the same uNit I think , but I didn’t pay 20k for it in Taiwan.


Oh look the US in the blue with clean air at 9.0 even without the Paris Climate Accord ahead of most of Europe and Asia. Ironically cleaner air than France., That never gets talked about much in the media though


Oh look at the US being 20 times bigger than France with only 6 times the population! That never gets talked about much amongst Trumpsters though.

And oh look the Paris Agreement not having anything to do with air pollution. That never enters the mind of Trumpsters though.

And finally, look the emissions per capita of the US being 4 times as high as the emissions per capita of France. That unfortunately has never occurred to Trumpsters either, though.


They were about 15k-20k depending on the model when I was looking to buy one about a year ago. Flew to Japan on vacation and got it for 5k. Was pretty happy.


Looks like US, Canada and Australia are at the same Per Capita level based off 2016 findings.


Iv found there’s very little wild life in Taichung
Because of the poor air quality. And the

Gases coming from the power plant .

I think I would only live in southern Taiwan

For short periods . I would need to come back to Australia.


“air pollution is the fourth-highest cause of death among all health risks globally”


And all this goes into the soil and into the food that’s grown in that huge agricultural area.

“People living in districts near the state-run Taichung Power Plant, which has 10 coal-fired units and four oil-fired units, the Dragon Steel Corp plant and the Central Taiwan Science Park are exposed to eight first-level airborne carcinogenic pollutants, including arsenic, dioxin, cadmium and nickel,”


USA looks hit pretty hard compared to Africa.


The view from Liuqui island. Can see the lower blanket of air pollution. It disapates as you move away from the land area.


Man, Taipei has been dreadful this week. A real sulfury smell to the air, and the patches of sunlight have this sort of filtered orange glow, I don’t describe it very well, but suffice to say it just looks unnatural. 100-150 AQI each day. Is this normal for this time of year?


I don’t remember it being bad until today. I ran yesterday and cycled the day before. I’m pretty sure it was below 100 both days. But today, it’s still below 100 where I exercise, but only barely. And I don’t think this is normal for this time of year. Usually the cold fronts from China is when things get back up north.


Surprisingly the air is pretty good today in Hsinchu. Been a long time since we had a clear day. Recent months have been pretty bad. EPA site is showing us to be in the green 46 AQI.


I looked with horror at the weather forecast for this weekend and the first thing I thought of was xiaoliuqiu.


I did smell something bad these last days, something chemical, but dunno what it was. I checked the pollution level app but supposedly it was ok.