Air raid shelter

I don’t know about air raid shelters, but if your building is not structurally sound enough to withstand heavy rain, I recommend you find a new place. It’s only a matter of time until the next typhoon or earthquake hits us.


That’s also a plan…hard to find cheap and spacious apartment in center. But that’s another topic

How can it be your building can’t withstand heavy rain and still allowed to have occupants?

He is probably planning on hiding in the rubble with an oozie for when @mad_masala returns

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Ok, unless you live like right over a river, or in a flood plain, most buildings should stand average rain. Problem lies in whether your area is prone to floods, or worse, is on a liquefaction area. For this last item, check maps where they are clearly marked.

BTW what area do you live in? Why do you say your building can’t stand the rain?

I ask because if you are worried about aerial bombardment, then you should avoid the center of Taipei, mainly, around Taipei Main Station. The Japanese built most government buildings close by for convenience, the KMT just moved in the same area, and the problem is that China does not need to be very precise as a single bomb in the general area will hit something important. Good news is that it gives them somewhere to focus, so you can be somewhere else. Suggested shelters in such cases are basements and MRT stations. Most proper bomb shelters were condemned after WWII.

As stated, typhoons and quakes are a more pressing, urgent and immediate issue. Locate the quake escape areas in your zone, keep a get outta dodge bag ready at all times. Check out suggested checklist for typhoon preparation in the corresponding discussion thread - use search. I do recommend you to get ready for that, know what to expect. Those are survivable disasters and you can feel empowered by doing something to prepare in such cases in a way that will actually help you to survive.

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Is there anything useful in this other recent thread?

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Look for a sign that looks similar to this:



This means there is an air raid shelter in the building. The space says the capacity of the shelter and who’s in charge of it.


MRT (Zhongxiao Fuxing) station sounds good idea as I live 2 minutes walk from it. My building is 50 years old. Roof is leaking and main stairs are cracked in many places. I definitely won’t stay here in case of air raid. In case of typhoon or earthquake I have escape plan and bag with essentials ready.

I’ve just finished reading that thread and it only talks about politics. I need information to make escape plan in case of air raid. So far I got MRT is best option and that certain buildings have shelter what is labeled with yellow sign.

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That area is too expensive to live in a creaky old building. Moreover, there are no big parks nearby in case of quake. It si also flood prone. Just last week it was flooded! And if you want to be shocked, search the famous Nari floods in that area. The SOGO pics are impressive.

Moreover, since the area is prime real estate, the buidings as you have noticed are old and not well kept. There is a famous location nearby that has a gazillion zillion worth building… equiped with a net to catch the bricks that regularly fall from it.

Define escape plan.

Look, as said, your priority is quake, typhoon and then fire, plus gas leaks. You have not mentioned any plans regarding fires. Household fires are quite common here, especially in winter, due to heating appliances. Does your building have emergency stairs? Can you buy some fire alarms and especially buy gas detectors? That is important as noxious gases have no smell, and since they travel upwards, you may be happily at home, then feel sleepy… and wake up with Saint Peter.

Again, if for your own sake you feel the need to have a escape plan, first of all, what´s your nationality? Get in touch with your embassy/representative office. Make sure they know where you are, for they will need to communicate with you for an extraction spot. Foreigners will most probably be at the other side of the world before a bomb goes off in Taiwan. As said, the usual plan if anything happens, as per embassies statements, is to seek shelter, then go to the rendevouz point for extraction. How that is going to work is anyones´s guess, but that is the plan on paper.

I know how you feel about having a particular fear. Our teachers made us very scared during teh elections in 2000. We all grabbed our bags and our passports and got ready to say goodbye to all the nice things we´d come to know here. It did not help that our ambassador left teh island - he always did taht, when there was any crisis, he just saved his ass firts, never mind the rest of us. Yet nothing happened and here we are, China rattles its saber and life goes on. It makes you appreciate Taiwan much more.

this is the map.

Now I understand why there are so many not straigth building in Taipei.

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For earthquake my plan is try to get below dining table (it’s very sturdy, legs are oak wood and top is 5cm thick plastic immitation of marble) then for aftershocks I get out on street. In case of typhoon I just stay home, tape windows and prepare 200 liter bucket of water in case government decide to stop supply due impurities in. I cleaned fire escape (neighbors were holding trash there, old mattress, wardrobes and stuff), also main door of my apartment is fireproof. I have two fire alarms and one for gas also connected to internet to send me notification on phone. I also contacted Taipei gas company and asked them to install solenoid valve on my gas pipe which close it in case of earthquake. They charge little bit extra on gas bill. Also I separate all electric appliances on different lines. I did that because kettle, oven, rice cooker and electric heater can be on same line and safety switch doesn’t work or too high tolerance and cause fire. Also in my pharmacy I have everything to provide first aid. I will definitely contact embassy to see where is by their plan point of extraction.

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jesus christ…Friday nights must be fun round your gaff…

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During an earthquake the very LAST thing you want to do is go outside, especially into a park (assuming you make it).

There is very little chance the building will straight up collapse unless it’s biblical proportions. In that case running outside isn’t going to help much. After 9/21 earthquakes building codes are strictly enforced and any habitable buildings have to be checked. Assuming they are properly built they should be good to at least 7 on the Richter scale. Your chance of building collapsing is very low, but it may lean or even tip over but that’s much more survivable compared to a collapse. Given how so many buildings are close to each other it is unlikely they will tip over significantly. It probably will be condemned and demolished later on however.

Your biggest danger outside is falling bricks, flower pots, window panes, etc. all of which will kill you if it falls on you. Particularly glass panes, they are heavier than they look and when they get close to the ground they may go horizontal, slicing people in half like a giant guillotine. In a park you will still have stuff falling on you because presumably there will be trees. Even then it will be crowded because every idiot thinks going to a big open park is going to guarantee survival but you may just be trampled to death by a crowd.

Best thing you can do is get under something strong and sturdy to protect you from falling objects. That’s the greatest threat in earthquakes. Mind you most of the turn of the (last) century earthquake death is caused by fire because many had wooden houses, or wood framed (but brick facade) buildings. They unfortunately burn very well and people still had wood stoves back then. Naturally earthquakes tend to cause things to tip over so half the city burns down as a result of the quake. That’s not a problem in Taiwan because very little here burns.


What he said. Especially where you live. The most dangerous thing in a quake or typhoon are the friggin shop signs. One falls on you are you are history.

The park or other open spaces is teh alternative if you have to evacuate your building. They will gather tents and stuff and set up there if your building falls. Otherwise, it is actually safer to stay in. Oh, and avoid elevators the next weeks during aftershocks/unstable power situation.*

BTW, I recommend you to also make arrangements in case of your demise. I have signed up with my local hospital to be recycled (donate parts) or used as a teaching aid -each case depends on the condition the body is in at the end of the road. Ashes to be spread in the Pacific…they refuse to do it in my local lake, which I would prefer. Way cheaper than sending a body overseas.

and learn how to say Help in Chinese.

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