Air raid shelter

What he said. Especially where you live. The most dangerous thing in a quake or typhoon are the friggin shop signs. One falls on you are you are history.

The park or other open spaces is teh alternative if you have to evacuate your building. They will gather tents and stuff and set up there if your building falls. Otherwise, it is actually safer to stay in. Oh, and avoid elevators the next weeks during aftershocks/unstable power situation.*

BTW, I recommend you to also make arrangements in case of your demise. I have signed up with my local hospital to be recycled (donate parts) or used as a teaching aid -each case depends on the condition the body is in at the end of the road. Ashes to be spread in the Pacific…they refuse to do it in my local lake, which I would prefer. Way cheaper than sending a body overseas.

and learn how to say Help in Chinese.

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yes and ladders can collapse, so better stay away from ladders.

they check every building? Is any website to know the condition of a particular building?

In Taiwan it won´t be ladders as much as construction bamboo frames. But to be honest I have seen less stuff fall in quakes than during typhoons. Heck, I have seen everything flying during typhoons.

And in Taiwan I have never seen the glass windows explode the way they do in the old country. I think they are better quality here.

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That would be so funny if it was sarcasm.

Honestly, if a Chinese terrorist attack is your biggest worry here, stop living in Taipei which seems to have to most oppressive pro china bullshit this island gets to listen to… Literally anywhere else that isnt bext to a military base is better.

Building quality is a whole different conversation, but dont live in high rises would be first step. If its me and i am getting bombed i am running into the middle of a rice, bean or whatever great expanse of land that no one, not even psychopathic china, would waste money on. Mrt stations seems great. But if shit goes south high ground is obviously adventageous over undergound death holes.