Air Raid Sirens Drill in Shanghai

Did you just hear that?

About 5 minutes ago, air raid sirens went off in downtown Shanghai, and now the 2nd set of sirens are winding down. I am reminded of the drills in Taiwan when I lived there, and have my own stories of being confused and then “trapped” in the streets when we weren’t supposed to be moving around.

So, I turn to my wife just now and asked, “who do you suppose we’re supposed to think will launch an invasion?”

After a moment, she says, “aliens?”

This is how jaded we are - that we would imagine aliens from outer space attacking the mainland before the Capitalist roaders back home :roflmao: Well, I guess, aliens would be more fun

Is that jadedness? The thought that aliens from space would invade Shanghai before the KMT just seems like level headdedness to me! :smiley:

Really, air raid drills in Shanghai? Wow.

They went off again (3 times?!)

hmmm, guess they aren’t air raid sirens.
Maybe its another building toppling :frowning:
I hope not

It’s happened a couple of times in Xiamen in the last few years.

I recorded the last one - eery sound, innit?

The ‘enemy’ just lost two planes on the east coast, they turned left to early and flew against the mountains … so, commies … no need for the sirens …