Airbrush price?

Can anyone give me around about price in Taiwan for a double action airbrush and a small (silent )air compressor?
Not sure if there is anyone on the forum that uses an airbrush but thought I would ask.

A big one for cars and such or a little one for small artwork? I got one for about 800 bucks and a small electric compressor for about 1500 but that was years ago.

Actually for fine artwork. your compressor is pretty silent? ok for the neighbors? :slight_smile:

Yes. Small and quiet. If I was to use the airbrush again, though, I think I’d probably just buy air canisters. Much more convenient for small stuff.

Thanks I will look into the canisters

Some of the stationery stores that also sell hobby paints and models (as well as dedicated hobby shops) have them, with air canisters as well as miniature compressors. Not too expensive.

I had a look in some art stores today. Average price for a cheap double action is 1300nt and a semi auto compressor 2500nt. Would rather a screw able bottom feed airbrush but couldnt find one. Probably grab something next week. shou lang road off jong jung road in yonghe has heaps of art stores in a row accross from the fuxing art school.

All my spelling of the roads and school will be way off so maybe someone will be able to correct it. I just remember what they sound like.