Airconditioning: selling, buying (second hand)

I bought a second hand airconditioning about 11 months ago (a little shop nearby Xinpu) for 7000 incl. installation. It’s an older model, brand = National, but works well (a big single window unit, can handle 8 ping).

Yesterday called that guy if he wants to buy it back. He says he will give 1500 for it (!!!) :fume:

Is this a normal practice? And was I ripped off?

Can someone recommend other AC shops that will make a good (=better) offer? Location Zhonghe city or nearby.

Why not try selling it privately?

In Taiwan, very often, if it ain’t new, nobody wants it.

Like you say, it is an older model AC and, also, you paid NT$7000 for it which is not a lot if you consider what newer models go for.

So yeah, the guy is probably ripping you off, but I guess he might have a hard time selling it again 'cause it aint new.

Listen to cdnmagic’s advice.

Yeah, you’re right. I know I won’t get rich from it, but 1500?

Stupid AC guy… :raspberry:

Anyway, the airconditioner is on Taiwanted now.

Did he transport and install it for you?
Would he uninstall it and transport it back?
Usually the service is about 1200–1500nt.

Yes, he did deliver & install it, included in the 7000 NT$.

I suppose his offer to buy it back again includes uninstallation… :s

On the Taipei City side of the Zhongzheng bridge (which links Taipei with Yohnghe/Zhonghe) up to Heping E. Rd. there are several used appliance shops. I can’t vouch for any particular shop and I don’t know what the going rates are. Sometime ago I bought a washing machine and a refrigerator there. They were able to arrange delivery.

Thanks :slight_smile:

so at the end of the day, the guy is charging you 2500 for depreciation and him reconditioning the unit. he charges 1500 for taking it down and 1500 for installing it, so that’s 3,000 of your 7,000 gone right there.

Let’s see… 7,000- 1500*2 - 1500 = that’s not that bad, when you take into consideration that the unit was most likely reconditioned when you got it.

Anytime you sell something to a reseller, be it a pawnshop, second hand shop, dealer or what have you, you have to consider that you will not receive full value for the item. There has to be a profit margin for the reseller to cover his costs and, hopefully, make a buck from the resale of the goods. Basically, the service you get is fast cash and immediate disposal of an unwanted item. If you want full value for your item, you are best to find a private buyer yourself.