Airfare- Taipei to Sydney

We want to spend a month in Sydney leaving Taipei about mid-June. We are looking for the best budget fare deal and we are looking for recommendations. Is it possible to fly to say Hong Kong or Singapore and buy tickets from there to Sydney.
Any advice would be appreciated.

The cheapest flights available are usually malaysian airlines with a stopover in KL for 6 hours there and 12 hours on the way back. about $21000 + tax.
If you wanna go via HK you can try cathy pacific usually about $25 000 + tax.
Singapore airlines obviously go via singapore with a 3 hour stop over either way and stop in brisbane for an hour each way too. Price usually around $25 000 + tax (also IMO, the best one to fly in terms of service, food, etc.)

As far as buying tickets in those places when you get there, i haven’t found it to be any cheaper and it often turns out to be much more expensive as (i’m guessing you dont want to be there a couple of weeks???) so depending on flight/seat availability you would be very limited in your choices trying to organise something in a day or two.
Remember this is a very busy time for asia airline routes as it coincides with the summer school break.
I have been flying from taiwan to australia for 5 years now as i take students there to study english in the summer so if you have any other questions please feel free to post again or PM me.
Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your very helpful advice. I will probably look at the Singapore Airlines option.
Thanks once again.

What I’d like to know is related. If I bought a ticket from Bali at the end of August, does anyone know if I could get a cheap deal there to visit Sydney? I don’t know if it’s school holidays or anything similar.

Brunei is also very cheap.

Most direct is: Eva will get you direct Taipei to Sydney.

Least direct: Via Vietnam. Worth checking into for price but the 21,000nt mentioned above sounds a good deal.

Do you accumulate flight miles with any program?. Sometimes worth paying extra for as you make it up in points.

Thanks Ironman and AWOL for your helpful and knowledgable advice. I’ve got something to work on now.

I just booked my ticket :sunglasses: :smiley: to Sydney, departing on May 31, using Interlink Travel, as usual.

The Cathay Pacific (Asia miles!!) price, taxes included, came to NT$27,000. I took the Vietnam Air option (also Asia miles!!) which came to a total of NT$19,700 - and the dates and flight times also suited me better.