Airline approved dog carrier - na li?


Does anyone know where I could find an airline-approved dog carrier (size L-XL) in Taiwan? Most of the international companies won’t ship here, but if you know of one that will, and takes credit card orders, please let me know…

Any help would be appreciated…


I couldn’t find any online sources, but you should be able to find something locally. Just be sure to call the airline you’ll be taking and ask them for their requirements, as they seem to vary somewhat. I did this a few years ago and was able to buy an “approved” carrier from a local pet shop (I believe it was on Sz Wei Rd). Wasn’t cheap though–if I remember correctly, something like NT$ 4K-5K for an XL “Furrari.” Still, when I got to CKS airport they said it didn’t meet specifications b/c it didn’t have a back window, so they just drilled a few holes in it.

Good luck!


Thanks, Jeff.

I’ll likely just buy one in North America and bring it back; it’ll likely be cheaper that way. Thanks for doing the research, anyhow.


If you’re in the US, it just might be cheaper. If you’re in Taiwan now, it wouldn’t hurt to check the local pet supply places. I think the one I got might be priced similarly in the US and Taipei, and if you go into the shop knowing how much you’d pay in the US you’d be able to negotiate better.