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Flew back from the States last month. 11 hours in the air and the movies weren’t working. We were all staring at the back of each other’s heads with only two screaming infants to break the silence. Not blaming EVA too much for it - I’ve been flying EVA for a couple decades now without incident - but that one trip back was like a little slice of hell.


I’ve had the experience of being on a plane 12 hours with no entertainment and nothing on phone or iPad and no books.

Now I always carry Ambien for such situations

I suppose you could pay for the airplane wifi and post on forumosa. :grin:


Was that for everyone on the plane, or just your family?
Flew biz class on UA to NY one time from Asia. TV didn’t work.
Stewardess immediately gave me a nice bottle of wine to take with me after getting off.

That’s one great tip. I’m doing this as well since years, and never had any bad meal any more.

Especially the Indian (“Hindu meal”) option on Emirates airlines in my opinion is near good Indian restaurant quality. Love it!


I used to order the children’s meal, for my children and for myself. I got lucky quite a few times.

In many cases I would end up eating mine and most of theirs.

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I doubt it. Whenever I have tried western food prepared by Taiwanaese I immediately regret it.

I like turkish airlines food.

I’ve always thought it was funny that more expensive ticket holders are “rewarded” by having to spend even more time on the damned plane.

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Last time we flew Korean, economy. we had 3 options for just vegetarian. trumped anything else I had in the air. but that was 5 years ago, hopefully they haven’t downgraded.

otherwise I eat like a monster before, and skip the airline meals. usually just soggy microwave fair. meat is easier to do, but damn are the veggie options usually dire. and limp.

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I haven’t flown US airlines in a while so I don’t know how they are recently.

But the European ones have gone downhill. The ones that used to be good have all gone to shit like Lufthansa. British airways is a shell of what it used to be and just behind on everything. The food has gotten significantly worse too imo.

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I haven’t ever had a good experience on a north american airline. ever. nevermind the food.

Never been to europe, but so far the best services as per companies have always been asian ones in my experience.

Nothing made me happier than Air canada sub contracting EVA for taipei to vancouver. I LOATH air canada. on every single level.

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The European ones feel like budget airlines in terms of the quality of their fleet, service, and food now.

My last fight back I had the flight attendant throw a bag of chips at my face :joy:

damn. So the EU has gone full Air Asia now?

European companies are there for workers and not customers :grin:

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Prison food?

If you ate prison food alongside airline food, airline food seems like it came from heaven.

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BA is shit. Always

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Thankfully I haven’t yet experienced that pleasure.

I imagine you’re right, but I was just being hyperbolic.

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USICE removals to Taiwan use EVA air exclusively… they aren’t even the cheapest airline out there.

Economy food for EVA is gourmet food compared to prison food.

And believe me, ICE facility food is actually better than actual prison food, and EVA economy food is still gourmet food compared to that.

They treat their workers like shit as far as I can tell.

Pay isn’t that good. And they were overworked after the pandemic. I saw some lady from BA have a full blown meltdown in Heathrow being overwhelmed.

They laid off so many workers and can’t hire them back fast enough. It’s a joke at this point.

BA employees look miserable. Asking them for something and they react like I shot their dog.

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