Airlines - Eva Air

I believe you.

Emirates/Qatar has always served me the best Indian food. It tastes way better than most Indian restaurants in Taiwan (not to mention, getting the same meal in an Indian restaurant here would cost ~600+ NTD)


Used to fly ANA alot when I lived in the States and made the mistake of taking the Japanese option. That was disgusting, cold runny egg.
Most airlines have a steak or fish option so I stick to that.

Frankfurt Lufthansa lounge is nice. Proper places to take a nap on a layover.

Best economy-class food I’ve ever had was New Zealand Air from HK to Auckland in late-2000s. Italian meal, with red wine. The missus and I were extremely surprised on how good it was. Only time we’ve flown that airline. Wonder if the same.

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Everybody. A few days after we got back to Taiwan we found gift certificates from EVA in our mailbox. I forget the amount. $50 each? Still haven’t used them.