Airlines that allow French Bulldogs to fly to USA

Hi guys,
as you may have seen an older post of mine, i am moving to USA and i will bring my french bulldog and Persian cat with me, my expected flight date is end of June… i tried with EVA Airlines and they told me that French Bulldogs are aggressive so they dont transport them… wow that got me by surprise… anyone knows what airline is very pet friendly and if you know someone i can contact to check for pricing? i will fly with them so it should be easier…

I appreciate all the help that i can get, timing is running out and i still dont know which way to go :ponder:

I would recommend contacting a travel agent. Leo at Partake Travel would be a good choice.

It’s possible EVA just checked the “bulldog” bit…however wiki does suggest that some airlines won’t carry french bulldogs due to the risk to their health, this article seems to back it up . Might want to check into it before running the risk.

I wouldn’t let any dog fly. They are notoriously hard to train as pilots.

Eva don’t take bulldogs. If you want to know which airline takes them, its easy to find out. Check the airlines website

actually according to EVA they do take them, but when i called they said that it is too aggressive…

the health part forbids airlines to transport them from July 1st to end of Sept (Summer time)…

Thx i will contact them!

double post

Eva dont take bulldogs, i tried to use them last year. Another big problem is the time of year if its summer they wont fly any brachyophalic breed, many airlines refuse point blank. Its advisable to get a crate bigger than they require with ventilation on all sides.china airlines and AIR china as well as klm were all ok with bulldogs last year, but whether they cover your route , youd need to check.

thx for the info, i checked with China Airlines and they said they wont take them… i think is a matter of who sells/answers the phone when i call… i will continue to try other airlines, thx for the post again!!

Snigger… I agree but some are willing to have a go.

and some just like the idea…

Our friend flew back to the States with their frenchie a while back, they flew China Airline. However the frenchie had to fly cargo, but he did fine.

As with most things with China or Taiwan they probably had no clues about their pet policy when you called. I found this at their site:

So supposedly flights longer than 6 hours are not allowed, but then my friend’s frenchie did make it to the States just fine.