Airlines (USA to Taiwan) that allow pet carry-on

In the process of bringing dog to Taiwan. Does anyone know airlines that allow pets in-cabin? I can’t imagine leaving him with cargo :frowning:

Unless it’s a seeing eyes dog, I can’t imagine any airline letting pets in the cabin.

If it doesn’t fit under the seat in front of you, probably no. And that’s probably only in a box.

I have a friend who carried on her dog from Taiwan to the US. It was a very small dog and she had to keep it in a carry-bag for the whole flight. I believe she flew Delta, but you’re better off calling the main airlines yourself.

Remember to think about how you’re going to deal with logistics: how is the dog going to relieve itself on that long flight, for example? (My friend’s dog was trained to relieve itself on puppy training pads, so she carried a small one with her and took the dog to the bathroom to do its business.) You also need to think about the time of year you’re traveling–most airlines only allow animals to be checked as cargo certain months of the year (when it’s not too hot or too cold) and most limit layover times as well.

Not really a box, it has to be an approved case with vents and all that. And yes, it has to fit under the seat.

Then you’ll have to deal with quarantine. I forget how long it is, but it’s measured in months.

Best to call a travel agent.

Not sure about dogs, but EVA allows one cat in the cabin .

At least in July 2010, EVA did not allow cats in the cabin on intercontinental flights. I had to put mine in cargo on the newark-anchorage-tpe route. I was just glad at that point there was no plane change during layover. At that time there was no in cabin option to get from NYC to Taiwan. Please post back if you find one.

oops things change. I brought my two persians to the USA with me with EVA in 99. They said I could have ONE cat with me in the cabin. But I thought that would be hard on the other cat. So they both went into the special animal hold area. Six thousand NT dollar apiece.

Cats arrived safely.

Taiwan is considered a Rabies Free Country. Dogs going to the US can come in the country with no problem. Taking the dog into Taiwan is a nightmare. It has to be quarantined for a month or two. I forgot but it was sad.

Maybe our dog was getting old and we didn’t want to face the fact but upon an abortive attempt to get a job in the states (the year of 911), I returned to Taiwan with our dog. It had to stay in the quarentiine center for more than a month a facility at a Pingtung University. We did not even get visitation rights. Soon after returning home, our dog died of kidney trouble.

For real, the quarantine is 3 weeks for dogs and the airport officials who handle it tell me you can choose where quarantine is a and you can visit daily. His exact words were’ " we would think it inhumane if you didn’t visit your dog." I believe this! Fresh the only reason for the quarantine is to make certain your pet is who you claim it to be…why wouldn’t they let you visit him/her??? … team&id=13

Clearly shows quarantine areas!

[quote]Each year about 200 cats are quarantine here, the dog from the United States and Canada, followed by Hong Kong.

I guess the cat underwent a species change!

China Airlines is the best for this… they have heated pressurized rooms below for pets. it’s a direct flight… your pets are added on to your ticket as extra baggage, usually costing 3000~ 4000 nt. Only 2 dogs per flight, so book ahead. pee pads are needed so when the dog urinates, it’s absorbed. Cages must be airline approved and large enough for the animal to stand up in and turn around. Frozen water is a good idea so the pet has water for the most part of the trip. Upon arrival of your pet, it goes to a different part of the airport… you need to provide your own transportation to drive you, your pet and an officer from the immigration department to the quarantine shelter of your choice. any animal is quarantined for 21 days. You can leave your own food there for it to eat, if you want. You can visit as well. The staff there are very nice and provide as good as care that can be given to a caged pet. cages are large… don’t forget to bring your pets bedding. I think it’s 1000nt a day… or it use to be. If anyone is bringing an animal… I hope it’s for the lifetime of the pet… as this process is stressful for any animal…