Airport Buses

I’ve got friends coming to stay who are on a tight budget, so want to get buses from the airport.

We live in Tien Mu, so does anyone know if there is a bus from the airport that goes all the way here?

Thanks in advance…

There is not.
Get the airport bus to Hsintiengong and then either take a bus (don’t know which one) or a taxi. Even with a taxi, we are only talking about something under US$10. How cheap do you want to go?
Then again, you could walk from the airport. Probably take you a whole day, but it would be free.

I walk to the airport. Have done so several times in the past few weeks. Takes 15 minutes to walk to Songshan Airport, then just a 45 minute flight to Chiayi. Much easier than the 3 or 4 hour drive.

It won’t help you in Tienmu, but there are regular buses between Songshang and CKS airports that can be very convenient (when a friend visited me I had him take that bus).