Airport Security?

With all the silliness that has gone on at US airports, I thank God this happened somewhere else for a change. Has anyone here had to deal with stupid airport security personnel? … E_ID=32203

Airport forces girl to remove fake limb

A teen-age athlete and her family is outraged after airport security officials forced her to remove her prosthetic limb in public.

Kathleen O’Kelly-Kennedy, Australia’s tallest female basketball player, says she was humiliated when forced to prove her right leg was a prosthesis in front of dozens of other horrified airline passengers.

“It is quite clear when I lift my pants that I wear a leg prosthesis,”
O’Kelly-Kennedy told the Melbourne Herald Sun.

“I had also given it a few whacks so there was no doubt that it sounded like a false leg. It was too much that security staff then chose to frisk me, from ankle to hip, in front of dozens of other passengers. I had already taken my shoes off, which made standing difficult, and I was not even offered a seat.”

The 16-year-old Luther College student from Croydon, Victoria, says others

why are you complaining. You support the war on some terror. These measures by the Waffen SS in the US will prevent (remote controlled planes) terrorists from hijacking planes.

Australia is run by a despot called coward howard who is like the vichy in france.

You complain about it, while your stormtroopers on zer eastern front occupy the savages in Iraq, quitely plotting for more occupation to feed the slobs of the US with oil.

I wonder what you think about the patriot act.

Will you be calling the homeland security (brown shirts) everytime you see a ‘raghead’ looking shady.

Or maybe you have seen the light and realise that the nazification of the US is underway, and it is about time that people stood up to the insanity and fight for the supposed freedom you already (do not) have.


Poor Eurotrash :cry: …he’s gotten his continents mixed up! Guess what? The Waffen-SS, Brownshirts, etc were EUROPEAN institutions. And before anyone starts telling about how they were German, may I remind you that virtually every European nation had volunteer divisions, regiments and battalions in the Waffen-SS. In fact, one of the units that fought in the Battle of Berlin was the French 33rd Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS Charlemagne. OK. There’s just too many so here:

Waffen-SS Foreign Volunteer Units

Albanian 3,000 21st SS Division
Belgian: Flemish 23,000 5th SS Div., 27th SS Div.

Belgium: Walloon 15,000 5th SS Div., 28th SS Div.
British Commonwealth (English) 50 British Freikorps

Bulgaria 200-1,000? Bulgarisches Reg.

Croatia (includes Bosnian Muslims) 30,000 7th SS Div., 13th SS Div.
23rd SS Div.
Denmark 10,000 Freikorps Danemark, 11th SS Div.

Indian 3,500 Volunteer Leg.

Estonia 20,000 20th SS Div.

Finland 1,000 Volunteer Bat.

Hungarians 15,000? 25th SS Div., 26th SS Div.
33rd SS Div.
Latvia 39,000 15th SS Div., 19th SS Div.

Netherlands 50,000 23rd SS Div., 34th SS Div.

Norway 6,000 5th SS Div., 6th SS Div.
11th SS Div., Volunteer Leg.

France 8,000 33rd SS Div.

Italy 20,000 29th SS (Italian)

Poland/Ukraine 25,000 14th SS Div.

Russian (Belorussia) 12,000 29th SS Div., 30th SS Div.

Russian (Cossak) 40,000 XV SS Kosaken-Kavallerie-Korps

Russian (Turkic) 8,000 Ost