Airport shuttle service from Tianmu/Shihlin?

Hi again, does anybody know of an airport shuttle bus service from Tianmu or Shihlin? Thanks a lot! Xpet.

which airport?

:wink: … seeing as SungShan is within affordable taxi-distance from Shihlin, the desired destination is of course CKS, but valid question of course, thanks! Know of any? Xpet

I don’t know of any directly from Shilin, but there are plenty of busses around Taipei that’ll get you there…it might require an MRT ride to Taipei Main Station

There are four bus services available: Taiwan Motor. Air Bus. Fego Bus. and Evergreen. No pick up point at Tianmu/Shihlin.

How much is a taxi/limo ride to CKS from Tianmu normally?

The cost of taxi service is about NT$ 1,000 to NT$ 1,500.

The cost from CKS to Tianmu hire a chauffeur is about NT$ 1,800

:astonished: $1800 is a bit much. No way to negotiate that? There’s no shortage of airport taxis and limo services. I’ve negotiated YongHe to CKS for $900, R/T for $1500. It’s a great deal.