Airport sim card

Is it possible to go back to the airport to get another sim card after quarantine? I purchased the 30 day sim card thinking there better offers outside. I was wrong. It seems like the airport offers the best 12 month sim card available. Would it be possible for me to go back the airport to grab another sim card? Does anyone know if they offer the same deals at SongShan airport?

If it’s in the non-safety zone, yes . Another question is if you can buy a second one. Maybe change the carrier…

Chunghwa telecom is the only simcard provider available at Shongshan and the deals should be the same as Taoyuan. You can also buy from the kiosk (family mart or 711) there but it’s a terrible deal.

I got a six month sim at the airport (T星?) Even though it was a temp prepaid, I was able to recharge it online.

Yes you can change carrier. I went back and bought another one from DaiGorDai

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