Airport (TPE) to Danshui by car

Can I just check something here? This is from an old 2004 post, which describes the scooter journey to the airport FROM Danshui:

[quote=“MJB”]Depending on how fast you ride it shouldn’t take more than about 50 minutes tops from the Guandu side of the bridge. It’s a little funky at the bridge turnoff and you’ll need to look carefully, as the motorcycle lane goes through a little tunnel first. Once you go through the tunnel, stay to your right (but not all the way) and the onramp for the bridge goes off to your right on a nice 270 degree sweeper. Once over the bridge, get off on the right hand side.

There are two spots in Baling where you’ll need to turn. The first is pretty obvious, the road will split, and you’ll take the left fork (It’s the larger turnoff of the two/4 lane highway). The second is not so obvious. You’ll go through a newer, more built up section of Bali, and after about 8 lights you’ll need to take a right, go down about 100yards only and hang a left. I believe there are signs, and if not the majority of traffic will make that turn. If you get lost in there, just ask for directions to the water park. If you miss this turn, you’ll be heading up the back side of Guanyin mountain.

Once you are on the 15, you’ll be on the coast within five minutes. It’s a nice 4 lane highway and will take you all the way into Taoyuan County. Look to spend about 20 minutes on this section…This will take you all the way into Zhuwei. [/quote]

So if I’m reversing that journey by car (airport TO Danshui) -

  1. I don’t need to take the 61 Expressway at all.
  2. The 15 still runs under the Expressway all the way (it’s not that clear from Google maps)

Being ignored here too :slight_smile:.

I don’t know what roads you can take to get out of the airport, but I know that the 15 runs all the way to Bali (you can even ride a bike on it!). Most of it is under/beside the expressway, but a couple sections are separate.

Maybe it was different back in 2004, but I didn’t think it was possible to ride a scooter to the airport. I don’t recall ever seeing any scooters there.

Ta, think I’ve sorted it with Streetview, it says you can get to Bali on the #61. Must be quicker than following the 15 underneath.

MLB nails it.

[quote=“MJB”]I lived in Danshui back in the late 80’s and even then with the 15 being a overblown one lane road with sand dunes constantly blowing over it you could still get to the airport from Danshui that way in about 45minutes.

Now you can choose to any of three routes depending on traffic and your mode of transportation:

One…cross Kuandu (Guandu) bridge and take signs to Wugu onramp…Freeway one south to airport

Two…Cross Kuandu (Guandu) bridge and take right, through Bali and connect with 61 there.

Three…Cross Kuandu (Guandu) bridge, turn left towards Wugu, but then get on 64 heading west towards Bali. Then at end, connect to 61. It’s quite quick.[/quote]