AIT a joke?

Wow. Congratulations on getting out of there without assaulting someone. :notworthy: Perhaps the manager does not speak to customers directly because she has been threatened before…the manager could consider why customers hate her.

What bothered me was she was standing right in front of me and it was clear that I was having communication problems with the other lady. At least have the nuts to say to me directly that they have a policy against working directly with us peasants. But to say it in front of me to another coworker and then direct that coworker to say it to me, no bueno amigos.

Well, maybe do like I did once when applying for a visa at a local Taiwan govt office. The service counter guy looked at my documents and said I was missing one document. I asked which document was missing. He wouldn’t answer. My Taiwan friend then asked. No answer…finally just saying again one document was missing. At this point, both my friend and I said we understand one document is missing but which one? He just stared at us. We asked again. No answer. Well, I looked behind us and 3 people were waiting impatiently. We just stood there and both sides traded stares for a couple of minutes. The people in line were getting more restless. Finally he pulled a document out from the cabinet next to him and tossed it on the counter. We got out of line, completed the document and got back in line. Well, he finished our application without a word or another glance at us.

Perhaps just stand there and say you do not understand what is the problem…until the manager stoops well below her usual professional status level to talk directly to the customer funding her high salary.

Man, Robotea, you have a reply about AIT everywhere in this forum.

I’m probably going to get flamed for this post, but I have to give my side of the story.

Having actually worked at AIT, I can somewhat understand your thoughts on the local hires there. I can’t give too much insight since I worked for the commercial section that is up by the Intl Trade building next to 101, but I did have to make a document run to the more well-known location by Da-an MRT once and it was no easy feat. Also afraid that the NSA is watching what I type :laughing:

At it doesn’t look like a fortified bunker in the middle of Mogadishu – I understand that’s SOP for all “real” US embassies these days.