AIT buys entire condo building

First in 40-year history. Previous policy has been to rent.

a friend that works there told me ait owns more than 200 properties in Taiwan, from warehouse to apartments.

Cool. What are they doing with a warehouse? Just curious.

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Isnt that the building where Taiwan’s small ally countries’ diplomats have apartments, offices in Shipai?

CIA black sites

In Taiwan known as SHE-I-A. Always a dead giveaway.


I hear they’re gonna start sneaking in SEAL teams. Getting ready for when the shit hits the fans.

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Taiwan’s ally countries… no need to call us small (at least my country is 3.2 times bigger than Taiwan).


Yeah I don’t think that’s the one. He pointed to a different one in the video.

I live in the town with probably the most CIA employees. I know about dead giveaways.

In population or square miles?

what does that have to do with anything?

square miles of course.

I think you’re from the biggest one ? Or close to the biggest left ? Most of them are indeed tiny . They can’t afford their own diplomatic mission so Taiwan puts then up in that building . Was always fun trying to guess which flag was which country. Back in the day it was full of Africans and others double parking diplomatic cars in the district but those days are gone.

As in transporting Americans out?

I walked by it the other day. Quick peep but there appeared to be mainly grenades and rocket launchers. Some SKS assault rifles, AK 47s, Glocks, 100 barrel extensions, that sort of thing.


A seal could only carry one person on their back at most though.

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That would’ve been my first guess: weapons stockpiles

She-i-a! Knew der woz sunfing funny goin on!


The officers apparently don’t bother with water boarding in Taiwan. They just ask enemy combatants to goto a local bank and open an account.

It has been reported that enemy combatants beg for waterboarding instead.


Very good :clap::clap::clap::facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:.

After my experience of taking 3 hours opening a securities account and then getting charged 25 USD a trade I think Guantanamo bay sounds pretty nice.

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I believe this is true.
It is our 80th anniversary with Taiwan this year, They actually did proper diplomatic work with my country which is why we are still Taiwan’s ally, not just donating money (which they haven’t for a long time) like they do with all those island countries.

With Taiwan’s agricultural and technological guidance my country is now able to export a ton of Shrimp, Fish fillet, fruits and manufacture a bunch of random stuff.